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Working with Professionals section refreshed

by on November 21, 2011

Last week, I updated you on the revamped Working with LPAs pages, this week it’s time for professional applicants to get a content refresh.

The Working with Professionals section has been redesigned to provide help and guidance to planning professionals who are considering working online for the first time – as well as useful hints and tips for experienced Portal veterans.

The information for new users ranges from advice on getting started, links to a quick-start guide and video tutorials on every aspect of submitting applications online.

We also give you hints and tips on how to get more out of the Portal:

  • how to maximise time and cost savings
  • advice on how to avoid validation delays
  • a tool to help you calculate how much CO2 can be saved by working online
  • details of which LPAs accept application fees online

Our aim is help everyone quickly gain the maximum commercial benefit from using our services, reduce operating costs and in doing so, maintain your competitive edge.

Check out the new Working with Professionals section.

  1. Architect & Eng. Ian Treleaven Fitzherbert BArch(Hons) PPSPEng permalink

    It would help those making applications if the pages could be designed in “landscape” – to fit the screen & reduce the number of un-necessary tabs down – if the “Portal heading” were set within the left margin of each page of the form this would help save a lot of vertical space & thus “tabs”!

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Thanks for the feedback.
      I will pass it onto our form designers.

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