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Improved resources and guidance for LPAs

by on November 15, 2011

Time for another LPA-focussed post – so apologies in advance to all those not toiling away in planning offices all around the country.

One of the Portal’s key objectives is to increase the number of planning applications submitted electronically. A large part of our success so far has been achieved through the excellent partnerships we’ve built with LPAs.

Naturally, we want to make sure LPAs have the necessary tools to receive, process and determine applications electronically and to help challenge the culture of planning to move towards newer and better ways of working.

In light of this we’ve just published a new section on the Portal called Working with LPAs.

The section offers practical information and resources for Development Managers, contains information on Portal services and includes hints and tips to improve the processing of online applications.

There’s also easy access to a new LPA online services section (at the top right of the page) to let LPAs quickly download applications and administer planning application requirements.

We know LPAs are applying greater focus to the channel shift of service delivery from traditional paper-based processing to greater online working.

The Portal team will use the “Working with LPAs” section to increase our partnership working and share best-practice experience from other LPAs on how they’ve better used technology to realise efficiencies and savings.

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