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Some healthy stats

by on November 11, 2011

• The Planning Portal will deliver more than £0.5bn in quantifiable benefits to the UK economy over the next four years.

• In Q1, 2012 the Portal will process its one millionth online planning application.

• Each month there are almost eight million page views of the Portal website

• In the current financial year alone there will be circa 10 million visitors to the Portal website and close to two million downloads of the Building Regulations Approved Documents.

• The Planning Portal will cost the taxpayer less than £4m over the next three years.

• Last week I turned down a request to spend 94p on post-its

P.S We still have advertising slots available

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  1. Andrew Rogers AADip ACArch DipTP MRTPI DipEnv&Dev permalink

    I have just received a letter from an LPA (name removed by moderator) by snail-mail and my reply is attached. My application was submitted on-line on 30 November (PP-01728741) – I don’t understand why they didn’t respond by email. It is difficult to explain to clients why on-line applications are more efficient when this is the response. They have refused to validate the application apparently because there is no property on the site – the application was for a new house on a vacant plot.

    Dear Sirs – I have today received your letter dated 8 December regarding the above application in respect of number 28 Shaa Road.

    The site was clearly identified with a red line on the location plan and was accepted as being number 28 Shaa Road by your Council in 2006 (ref. PP/2006/4318-LB) and by the Planning Inspectorate in 2008/9 (ref. APP/A5270/A/08/2075439), as explained in the Design and Access Statement submitted with my application.

    Please explain where the “guidelines provided by DCLG” that you refer to say that a planning application cannot be accepted if the site described does not have a “registered property” on it.

    As the site has a pair of gates and a vehicle crossover leading onto Shaa Road, I would be prepared to describe it as “land adjoining 26 Shaa Road” which I believe to be an accurate description. If this is acceptable please return the submitted drawings to me so that they can be amended accordingly.

    Please also note my correct company name.


    Andy Rogers

    Andrew Rogers: Planning
    (Adress removed by moderator)

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