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Useful Information – Date stamping of online electronic documents

by on August 18, 2011

Recently it has come to light that some LPAs are still printing off online documents and manually date stamping them. Having checked the legislation with policy colleagues, we can confirm that electronic documents do not require a “date stamp” and should be directly uploaded on to the LPA’s online application registers on their website.

As long as LPAs record the date received and date validated for each application in their back-office IT systems this satisfies legislative and audit requirements.  In most cases the interactive online public access registers on LPA websites include key dates for the determination of applications, including date received, validated, consultation dates and timetable and the date when the decision is due.

From feedback received by the Portal, agents prefer LPAs to use their original CAD plans and drawings as scanning affects the resolution and quality of the images which can give a poor representation of their work. It will also save time and money for LPAs.

  1. Jane Pashley permalink

    As well as date stamping all documents received via the portal we also stamp everything with the planning application reference no. We have tried to put this on using a “watermark” but this proved very difficult. I would be interested to know if anyone else does anything smilar? Is there a need to do this?

  2. It is deeply worrying that standards vary so much from one authority to another. It is all very well letting authorities make their own decisions but for those of us (and that’s really ALL of us) who have practices that work in wider areas it is a minefield in terms of finding documents or even entire planning files. It means having to burn shoe leather or waste time working out how to get around a website when frankly the only difference should be the name of the LPA involved. Indeed, why can’t we search nationally on an application number?

  3. We send PDFs to our local authority but often they print them off and scan them to make new PDFs! Someone muttered something about security but maybe they meant job security for the scanner?? What’s the point of asking us to go paperless then starting a new trail of it?

  4. ADS permalink

    I concur with Cadplan ,ansd similar authourities also will only accept hardcopies for revisions even though they accept digital for the application.They also send letters in response to emails. Absolutely Pathetic .
    Do make complaints to the councillers direct advise them of the additional cost of postage for both you and them including there post room costs .they are incurring and ask why the rates are going up ,

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