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Advertising Update

by on August 26, 2011

We’ve been accepting advertising on the Portal for almost two years now and it is now making a valuable contribution to our running costs.

Dozens of businesses have benefited from exposure on the site and I believe we have managed to maintain the Portal’s integrity and authority while doing so.

Many of our advertisers re-book which suggests that we deliver value for money, while new advertisers join us regularly, such as National Garage Conversions who have recently become the first sponsor of the Garage Conversions content page.

You may have noticed that we now have an advertising window on our homepage for up to three advertisers on rotation: Humphreys, Log Cabins and Homebuilding and Renovating have taken the spots for September but there’s still one space available for October.

The Portal Newsletter continues to prove popular, with sponsors including Hanse-Haus and the National Homebuilding Council in August. September and October are sold out but we are booking for November and beyond.

Many of our most popular advertising slots sell months in advance, so if you wish to secure key positions for 2012 at 2011 prices you’ll need to move quickly by contacting our commercial team by email or on 0117 372 8232.



  1. Graham cockburn permalink

    I recently read one of your news reports relating to a Housing development by Barratts in Stroud being refused .Could you kindly direct me to that article?Regards Graham Cockburn

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