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Technical Release Note (370)

by on February 3, 2010


Our hard-working technical team today introduced software release 370 to address various issues with the online application forms. Find more details in the article.

 Change Reference


 Affected Areas




Ticket 3530 Online Forms Corrections made so that the PDF version of the Welsh forms are the same as the online /HTML version.
Ticket 3315 Online helptext Amendments to help text for the Welsh forms added. These include additions to the Proposed Demolition Work questions and formatting corrections.
Ticket 1384 On-line Forms In the ‘Grounds for Application’ question, the sub-heading is now made visible on Welsh HTML/PDF.
Ticket 1172 Online Forms Added automatic calculation for the ‘Non-Residential Floorspace’ form rather than using a manual ‘Calculate’ button.
Ticket 1181 Online Forms Removed the appearance of ‘null’ text shown in fields for the ‘Information in Support of a Lawful Development Certificate’ form when certain options selected.
Ticket 1299 Online Forms Removed the appearance of ‘null’ text shown in fields for the ‘Telecommunications Apparatus’ form when certain options selected.
Tickets 1373, 1406 Online Forms Corrected several minor discrepancies between the paper forms and online/HTML form question wording.
Ticket 1596 Online Forms A ‘Submit’ button used at the end of the application forms has been changed to ‘Confirm’. This is to avoid confusion that this button submits the application to the local authority.
Ticket 1665 Online Forms Correction of wording within help text for Part Discharge of Condition(s).
Ticket 3303 Online Forms Correction made to the ‘Materials’ form so that all text typed into the ‘Other’ field can be viewed correctly on the main Materials page.
Ticket 3311 Online Forms Correction made so the date boxes on the ‘Description of Proposal’ form do not obscure the date format literal just above.
Ticket 3373 Online Forms ‘Country’ information entered into the ‘Tree Owner’ form is now retained when the ‘Next’ button is clicked
Ticket 1371 Online Forms Corrections made so that the Header and Questions information between HTML/PDF and Paper forms are the same.
Ticket 2375 Online Forms If you have selected 0 for the Vehicle Parking, this information will now be displayed when the application is submitted or printed rather than just the header displayed.
Tickets 3873, 3877, 3878, 3879, 3881, 3882, 3884, 3887, 3888, 3890, 3895, 3897, 3899, 3901, 3903, 3904, 3905, 3907, 3909, 3917, 3880, 3883, 3885, 3886, 3892, 3893, 3894, 3896, 3900, 3902, 3908, 3910, 3913, 3914, 3918, 3875, 3889, 3898, 3906, 3911, 3912 Online Forms Various code corrections made to prevent users being able to tab into text box sections of the application forms that are read-only.
Change Request 025 Fee Calculator Correction to the fee calculated for Removal or Variation of a condition in Wales.

If you have any questions relating to any of the above, please leave me a comment below.

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One Comment
  1. CADPLAN permalink

    It would be useful for householder applications if the name and address in the site address details (Q2) could be predictive text from Q1 as with most applications the address is the same.

    Why can’t agents change their profile information ie default email address & address, phone number? In some cases the original email address may no longer be valid and telephone numbers may have changed.

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