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Outbuildings mini-guide to PD goes live

by on February 4, 2010

The latest in our well-received series of mini-guides to the permitted development regime for householder building projects is now live on the Portal. 

As you can see, the guide uses graphics to illustrate the basics of permitted development for outbuildings and complements the guides for porches, extensions and loft conversions as well as the Interactive House and Terrace.

All these guides aim to explain permitted development to the lay-person in a simple and user-friendly way. We are delighted when LPAs and others choose to link to the guides and we update them as legislation changes.

We’re very happy to hear how we might improve any of these guides, and are always keen to receive feedback of any kind.


  1. Roger Baker permalink

    Very helpful document.

    I seem to have missed the early ones you refer to . How do I find these? I have searched various links in your website and can’t find them.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Roger,
      I’ll post a new thread with links to all the guides now.

  2. Hi
    The link to the mini guide is broken

  3. Doug permalink

    The drawing intending to show a microwave antenna on an outbuilding is very misleading as it shows a normal domestic terrestrial TV aerial, not a microwave antenna (i.e. satellite dish)
    Domestic TV are normally considered de-minimis and therefore do not require planning permission which is presumably why they do not appear under the Permitted Development rules.

    The drawing needs to be changed.


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