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How do I retain a copy of my application that is over 2 years old

by on November 30, 2021

For draft applications

Log in to your Planning Portal account, open the application. Make a change to the application. This will save the change and our system will identify it as a recently accessed application.

For submitted, transferred or archived applications

To keep a copy of an application that was submitted two or more years ago, you will need to go to the ‘Transferred’ tab on your ‘My Applications’ page and click on ‘Download’ to save an offline copy.

If your application is in your ‘Archived’ list, you will need to unarchive it to download a copy of the full application, including supporting documents.

Please note that downloading, (un)archiving or opening an application for amendment without making a change will not count as a modification to the application.

Please do not make an amendment to your application, unless you intend to resubmit changes back to the council.

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