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Charity announced for the Planning Portal bike ride

by on February 19, 2020

Update 18 March 2020: 

The Beyond Somerset Sportive event that the team were due to participate in has been postponed until April 10/11 2021. However, our team of participants will endeavour to find another event and continue to train and raise money and awareness for the charity We Build the Future.

The Planning Portal recently announced that five members of the Planning Portal Team will be participating in a 69-mile bike ride for charity in April. Following on from our invitation to suggest a charity, we have received a huge number of suggestions and are pleased to announce that the chosen charity is ‘We Build the Future.

We Build The Future was founded in 2017 and supports people who work in the construction and built environment sector to beat cancer. The charity supports families and promotes health and well being as well as funds research into detection, treatment and prevention.

We are also pleased to announce that Studio Charrette, a London-based planning consultancy, are sponsoring the Planning Portal team’s participation at the event.

If you would like to support the team taking part, also known as the ‘Planning Portal Peddlers’, to raise money for We Build The Future, you can donate through our Just Giving page.

Visit Just Giving to donate


Recently, Ben Price, Graeme Kirk and Neil Davies participated in a partial-team practice ride which was a 44-mile route through Bristol towards Yate, looping around Pucklechurch, Tomarton and Marshfield and back to Bristol. The team completed the course in just in three hours and 20 minutes.

During the ride the trio climbed to over 2,500 feet, battling rain and 40mph wind. The ride was a success with just one breakdown and no injuries. The next practice ride is scheduled for 22 February.

  1. Graeme Kirk permalink

    I think we will be doing it in a boat at this rate!!

  2. Graeme Kirk permalink

    The Beyond Somerset Sportive that we were due to cycle on 19 April has effective been cancelled until April 10/11 2020. However, myself, Scott Alford, Neil Davies, Ian Foster and Ben Price will endeavour to find another event, and continue to train and raise money and awareness for the charity We Build the Future.

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