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Prior Approval applications added to our online service

by on November 21, 2019

We have now added all the current ‘Prior Approval’ application types to the 1APP online application service for England including applications for Larger Home Extensions.

These had been requested by applicants, agents, Local Authorities and National Government, so we are happy to confirm that these were made available at the end of November 2019.

How to start a prior approval application

Prior approval application types are available to select in the application chooser.

Once you have started an application and selected an address/location, you will be able to pick any application type from either a dropdown list; or by selecting ‘I need help choosing…’ and following the guided options.

The drop down list has been re-organised into categories of application, and the guided chooser has been expanded to cover the all the Prior Approval types.

Also note that we have replaced the previous inconsistent references to ‘Notifications’ and ‘Prior Notifications’, so all such applications are now referred to as ‘Prior Approvals’. This includes applications covering Agricultural/Forestry, Telecoms and Demolition proposals under Permitted Development rights.

Improvements to the Prior Approval application process

Questions, supporting documents and fees for each prior approval type are based on their individual legislative requirements.

A new ‘Eligibility’ question for each of the 16 recently added types helps to ensure that proposals meet the pre-requisites for Prior Approval as specified in the legislation. This will reduce invalid/ineligible submissions by informing you at an earlier point if the proposals are not suitable for the Prior Approval process.

The applicant and agent details questions have also been updated to ensure that sufficient contact details are provided to the Local Authority.

Payments will be taken through our service, realising the benefits that have already been demonstrated for existing applications and help us to generate revenue to drive continued improvement and innovation.

As with the existing applications, blank PDF forms will continue to be provided for those who wish to submit on paper.

Further forthcoming improvements to our application service

The addition of the 16 Prior Approval applications was the first stage of a larger piece of work to deliver significant improvements to the system.

In early 2020, we will be providing a further update to improve many questions across the whole range of applications we offer.

We will provide further details of these changes in due course.

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  1. dr silver permalink

    would you consider it helpful up front, to specify what a ‘prior approval’ application signifies and what its constraints are. obviously one can guess.

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