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Positive uptake for Planning Portal’s new payment redirect service

by on October 12, 2017

As you may have heard, Planning Portal launched the first payment redirect service for our planning application service last week. The service, which allows clients to securely and easily pay for applications submitted by their agents, has proved a great success with nearly 30 local authorities signed up to the service and a number of payments successfully processed.

To recap, the payment redirect service offers the following benefits:

  • Secure and simple: client receives an instant payment notification to pay online, with a daily reminder to ensure prompt payment
  • Speeds up validation: Removes cheque payments from the process, streamlining and improving registration and validation times, saving you, your clients and LPAs time and money
  • Improves the application process: Agents can easily defer payment to the client for a direct payment, removing the need to arrange cheque or telephone payment and chase progress
  • Reduces financial risk: The client pays directly so no cashflow or VAT issues for agents
  • Keeps the Planning Portal core service free: By allowing your customers to use our redirect service if they choose, you’ll be helping us to keep our core services free for our 500k monthly users.

You can find out how the service works with our comprehensive user guide.

[UPDATE – 20/10/17] The following local authorities are already signed up to the service:

Ashfield, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brentwood, Brighton and Hove, Castle Point, Colchester, Croydon, Dudley, East Cambridgeshire, Forest Heath, Gateshead, Havant, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Lancashire, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, North Warwickshire , North Yorkshire, Rotherham, Sevenoaks, Shepway, South Lakeland, South Norfolk, South Staffordshire, St Edmundsbury, Staffordshire, Three Rivers, Thurrock and Watford.

Thanks to these local authorities for their support. We are in touch with other LAs and are looking forward to welcoming many more on to the service over the coming weeks.

To find out more about the service contact


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