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New Planning Portal Day 2….

by on March 30, 2016

Firstly some apologies…yesterday was not as smooth as anyone here wanted, despite a huge amount of effort over a number of months and meticulous planning.  Many thousands of users are up and running on the system, but an unacceptable number are still not.  We’re working through your calls and emails as quickly as we can and the whole team (not just our Support Desk) are helping and resolving problems where we can.  We’ve also updated our FAQs which you may want to look at first.

Secondly, here is where we are with the recurring issues:

(1) Redirects from our to our site weren’t correctly applied by the supplier who manages the old domain name.  This was fixed yesterday and the redirects are now working across the whole site, including PDFs which seemed to still be an issue this morning.

(2) Re-setting accounts has been a problem for some.  This had to be done because we were unable to securely migrate encrypted passwords to the new site and needed to protect your data.  There appear to be 2 separate issues here:

  • The first was a problem with some email settings which wouldn’t allow a link to be clicked. Yesterday we added text to the emails as well as the link, so that you can cut and paste the text as an alternative.
  • The second issue is that emails are being sent from our system but don’t seem to be arriving with some users.  We’re putting in a secure workaround to get affected users back up and running asap, whilst we do some further investigation into this.

If you are still experiencing problems, we really do appreciate your continued patience.  I’ll continue to provide updates here.


  1. K Roger-Jones permalink

    A word of thanks to the support staff for getting me up and running yesterday.
    As to the new website I am disappointed that the opportunity has not been taken to produce a form which is more flexible. There will be instances where much of the form is inapplicable, one example being a change of use. There could be a button “Not applicable change of use only” or even better a button with a text box enabling the user to explain why information has not been provided. The user could add further information on typed forms so why not now? It is a pity this facility has not been incorporated.
    I see that once files are selected they are immediately uploaded. Before, one could select files for uploading and then upload several at a time? One correspondent refers to an application with 60 files. Last March I dealt with the biggest ever online application – c. 800 files! The thought of uploading one by one…And please increase the file limit.

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Thanks for you feedback. We’ve simplified the form a lot, so now there are whole sections that you don’t have to complete. You just answer the question as to whether its applicable and if it isn’t, then the whole section is removed. This covers previous bug-bears like materials, for example. That said, we are obviously interested in looking at what else we can do to simplify it, so I’ll add your comments in. Also, noted your comment on uploading files. You don’t have to wait for each one to upload but I appreciate its still a lot more clicks. Thanks, Sarah

  2. I still havent received my activation email from you, can you please advise when this will be resolved? I spent over 90 mins on the phone yesterday trying to get through to you.

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Phil. I’m really sorry that you’re still struggling. I’m hopeful of getting the workaround in place today but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. As soon as it is, the team is ready to contact you and the others in this situation. Thanks,Sarah

  3. Alison Johnston permalink

    Re: Cornwall Council Cheque Payments

    We were notified by a customer, that the address to send cheques to Cornwall Council was changed to an address in Sheffield.

    We have corrected our information but please can you advise other Councils to check their details in case the same has happened to theirs.


    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Alison. Sorry about that. We have QA’d the addresses and it appears to be a one-off, but thanks for raising it. Sarah

  4. Natasha Stewart permalink

    The new portal site is brilliant and user-friendly only one thing which has come up is that once submitting an application it cannot be retracted or amended before the LPA downloads it. I submitted an application which is in ‘submitted’ realised that I need to replace a document. I am now waiting for the LPA to download the application (since yesterday) so I can amend.

    Is there any chance amend could be included in the ‘submitted’ tab?

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Thanks Natasha. Thanks for raising this – yes, we are looking at it. Sarah

  5. Nick Charlton permalink

    I have e mailed but without a response , Why was the site down for 5 days without prior notification !! not everyone has a week off at Easter.
    Secondly can you explain why most of my draft history has disappeared. I have a number of repeat clients and often refer back to old draft information . Had we been notified this could have been saved in hard copy format.
    Finally whilst I appreciate that it was necessary to re enter passwords and log in details why have we had to change them to a totally uneccessary level of security. Higher than my bank account requires. !!

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Nick. Thanks for your comment. The site was unavailable during the 4 day Easter weekend but this was flagged on the site itself and our other channels such as this blog,Twitter etc. Because old passwords were encrypted for data protection they could not be moved to the new system- hence the reset process. For Tuesday we moved every application, draft or otherwise, since July 2015. We’re in the process of moving over older data but the volumes are huge and need to be transferred securely. I hope that helps to clarify things, but apologies that it’s been a frustrating process for some. Sarah

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