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Updated: Technical problems Monday 14 March

by on March 14, 2016

Update (20:15): the Portal came back online around 19:30. Our technical supplier identified the root cause and applied a fix. Apologies for the inconvenience caused by today’s outage. 
As you may be aware we’ve been having some technical problems today. The Portal site has been offline for some time with issues relating to one of our databases.

Our technical supplier has been working hard to restore the service but the problem has persisted and we currently don’t have an estimate of when the service will be back.

We’ll keep you updated on this blog and on Twitter and above all we are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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  1. Not good enough. The portal has been down all day meaning all todays work will need to be completed ontop of tomorrows work!!!!

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      I know Neel. We do understand how inconvenient this is for all our customers. We will keep working on it for as long as it takes, including through the night if needs be. Sarah

  2. Kaleem Janjua permalink

    When will the planning portal sort out the current issues?

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Kaleem. What problems are you experiencing? Sarah

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