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The Planning Portal… but even better!

by on July 2, 2015

I mentioned back in May that one our first priorities as a new business was to move our website safely to a new IT platform. Well, I’m pleased to say that the site build is going well and we’re on track for delivery in the autumn.

Given the site gets around one million visits a month and is used to submit around 2,000 planning applications a day, we’re committed to managing the move in a way which causes the least amount of disruption for our customers and partners.

Much of this will be managed technically behind the scenes and what you’ll see on ‘day one’ will be at first glance be quite familiar, but don’t let that fool you.  The new site will be quicker and simpler to use, as well as more stable than has been the case recently. Importantly, once everything is safely moved across, our work won’t stop there. In parallel with the new site build we’ve been working on the development roadmap, which will see ongoing improvements to the 1APP forms and other services.

We’re really excited about the next evolution of the Planning Portal and the improvements it will offer to our customers.  Over the coming weeks, you’ll be getting regular updates and more detail from me via this blog, as well as some sneak previews of the new site as we get closer to the delivery.  Watch this space….


  1. Going digital in administration and communication is a government aim and one I also aspire to. So With Parish Councils soon not to be receiving paper copies of planning applications they will all be going digital to won’t they?

    Ahhh nope!

    I just received this form a local Council Clerk…

    “…As I am sure you have heard, the Planning Department will no longer be sending parish councils copy of applications from September 1st. This puts parish councils in a very awkward position, as the only alternative would be to download all documents for every single application from a server and then either print or prepare a Power Point for parish council planning meetings. As you can imagine, the cost implications in terms of purchasing equipment to enable this to take place, and the cost and time on staffing is considerable.

    In an attempt to minimise the impact on this Council, I am writing to you as an architect/developer to ask if you would consider sending a paper copy to the Council when you submit an application that falls within our parish. Since it is a requirement to complete an application and provide plans to [name removed] Council this would only involve printing off a single extra copy per application.

    I look forward to your thoughts in this matter, and I hope we can work together to find a solution.

    Please note, at present this is just an initial enquiry to establish whether the local architects/developers would be willing to work with us on this matter.”

    I have now do all my applications via the Portal and never print drawings other than for some Clients. It seems that Local Councils may now drag all this progress backward.

    • Melanie White permalink

      Why do a PowerPoint, why not log on to the LPA website and view the plans on there? Assuming this particular LPA is providing documents online.. We’ve not provided paper to our PCs since 2013 and at first there was major resistance to this particular efficiency measure, but it would seem they have all found ways to manage.

  2. Ajay permalink

    Parishes will stop harassing applicants on planning matters that Parish don’t understand . LOL

    Finally all the Parish NIMBY’s will be taken out of planning process by Govt

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