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‘Major development’ question added

by on October 31, 2013

The Planning Portal has added a ‘major development’ question to the online planning application process. This is to support future development work.

All users in England and Wales will now be asked to indicate whether their application is for a major development. The definition of what constitutes a major development is available in the ‘Help’ text.

The new question will be presented within the application chooser, once the applicant has selected the application type. The question will apply to all application forms that can be used to submit a major development.  They are:

  • 04. Full
  • 05. Outline planning permission with some matters reserved
  • 06. Outline planning permission with all matters reserved
  • 07. Full and relevant demolition in a conservation
  • 08. Full and listed building consent
  • 09. Full and consent to display an advertisement(s)
  • 10. Relevant demolition in a conservation area
  • 23. Approval of reserved matters following outline approval
  • 25. Removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission
  • 27. Approval of details reserved by condition
  1. Richard Preston permalink

    For outline applications it’s really tedious to have to trawl through the materials section answering n/a to each one, especially given the poor broadband speeds now. Could you address this please.

    • John Newton permalink

      I agree with Richard; if we tick ‘change of use only’ cannot the materials section be deemed unnecessary as wholly irrelevant and avoid typing n/a about 10 times

  2. Ian Lewis permalink

    More un-necessary information required dreamed up by some nerd. I thought the idea of restructuring the planning application forms was to simplify but instead we get deeper and deeper into red tape nonsense. Why don’t we make it impossible to register applications or forget the whole system.

    • Ian,
      there are no nerds here! just a bunch of folks trying to make life easier for everyone involved in planning.
      There are a number of imminent Government initiatives that will require a clear distinction between ‘major’ and other application types and in order to make that distinction easier for users we’ve added in this question ahead of time.

  3. Ian Lewis permalink

    A further waste of time; sorry you do not like my comments.

  4. John Newton permalink

    Yet another admin task to carry out !!! More costs to the poor client.

  5. Robert Eburne permalink

    The Major Development question should be a bit of a prompt for applicants to attempt to keep borderline proposals below this threshold. Perhaps the Help prompt could say that there is no need for a D and A Statement for Minor Development and that Major Developments can take 5 weeks longer to determine.

  6. Steve Peck permalink

    Completely pointless.

    Local authorities already identify these, and we will have to continue to check every application for accuracy. I wouldn’t trust all developers to get this right, and it’s an extra burden on them to work it out.

    Steve Peck
    Senior Planner
    Leicester City Council
    0116 454 2993

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