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Now anyone can be an architect!

by on August 13, 2013

The folks at Lego who brought us the ‘Architecture’ series of models including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling water and numerous other notable buildings have now launched an amazing almost 3,000 piece version of the Sydney Opera House.

At the same time they have also brought out the Architecture Studio, a 1200 piece set that lets budding Zahas express themselves in white blocks.

That’s Xmas sorted then!

P.S I am not on commission and there is no commercial intention here. I just thought you’d be interested.


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  1. GRPA permalink

    Ummm… can just see me lugging an 1100 piece scale model of a ground floor rear extension into my local LPA next week… lets make it borderline so they have to haul it into the committee room…

    • C. J. Mccormack permalink

      Opened this post worried, anticipating the ARB derestriction of the title ‘Architect’ but instead found a light hearted advertisement sponsored by Lego, posing as a design professional.
      Who needs BIM when you have Lego? We like Lego (I am not a sponsor either)

  2. Richard W permalink

    Why stop with models?

  3. Pippa permalink

    Bayko rules!

    • I remeber Bayko – there seemed to be a mismatch between design, construction process and function.

      OOoops sorry, I was probably thinking about architecture 🙂

  4. Absolutely all for it, but will our young budding architects have the space to develop their talent, before the “well meaning ” adults start taking over and telling them what to do. Maybe Lego could include a social network for mutual support for our up and coming “Fosters, Rodgers, Alsops and Hadids”.

  5. Kathryn permalink

    My husband built Big Ben yesterday having completed the leaning tower of Pisa previously. They aren’t to scale so look ridiculous next to each other! Not great if you want to display them as a set 🙂

  6. des hill permalink

    This looks amazing, but does not appear to be available in the UK, only the US. A big tub full of plain bricks – brilliant to get the imagination going. Reminds me of the late lamented Lego competitions for architects. So Mr Lego, when will it be available in the UK???????? … it’s URGENT

  7. Ray permalink

    So that’s how the MI6 building on the South bank was designed.

  8. Margaret permalink

    …And Hopkins pepper pot building in Westminster was clearly lego influenced.

    Does Lego include Planning Inspectors and Town hall officials, too?
    Btw Wasn’t the Sydney Opera House built without architects being involved?

  9. This is could really help future aspirants of architecture. This is one act of learning with fun!

  10. Wow, anyone could be an architect like me. Thanks!

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