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Site Issues – wrap up and thanks

by on July 30, 2013

Hopefully we have now resolved the hangover issues from yesterdays debacle and we’re now up and running, if not at lightning speed then at least at a manageable pace and this should improve as the day progresses.

The issue with online applications not being retrieved by LPA 1APP connectors is also fixed which means that applications should now be retrieved successfully and automaticaly populate local back-office systems.

Part of the issue today was simply the sheer volume of applications being submitted concurrently as folks sought to make up for the lost day.

Rest assured we are doing all we can to understand what went wrong and to work with our I.T providers to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

I had anticipated a barrage of complaints but instead your patience and understanding shone through.

Thanks to you all




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  1. Robert Hodgkiss permalink


    You state ‘…I had anticipated a barrage of complaints but instead your patience and understanding shone through…’

    Don’t be misled into thinking the lack of complaints equates to ‘…patience and understanding…’ it might be that agents thought it would be a waste of time complaining…what good would it have done?

    Regards Robert
    the drawing board (uk) limited

  2. Not a problem. I needed an excuse for my own delays. It is great when you can blame someone else. 🙂

  3. Wendy permalink

    The reason you didn’t get your expected barrage of complaints could simply be because you kept us all up to date!
    A rarity. Thank you

  4. Sadly, there are still issues and the Portal is not working at just after 4.00pm—!!

    • Chris,
      we had a significant usage spike at around 4pm which may have caused the blip. It should be fine now and hopefully we’ll have caught up with all the additional traffic and submissions and be back to usual performance levels tomorrow.

  5. Trevor Dennington permalink

    When the screen told me the Planning Portal was unavailable, I was subsequently scrapping around looking for some kind of fault on our computers.
    So Planning Portal inaccessibility is clearly so unusual an event that I didn’t even consider a Portal problem and was immediately looking for a problem at our end !

  6. Owen Jnekins permalink

    we are experiencing problem with uploading, following an attempt to upload it says that the documents failed to upload, when we tried again it said that the documents were already uploaded but we cant see them on the list, is there a diagnostic or refresh button or help button we can use to fix this problem?

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