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Wiltshire Council Unitary Authority change on the Planning Portal

by on July 18, 2013

On the 24th July 2013 Wiltshire Council will integrate its new planning back-office system with the Portal’s online application service.

This effectively means that the current Wiltshire Council area offices on the Portal will be removed and replaced with a single Wiltshire Council authority.

This change has meant Wiltshire Council will no-longer have to manually retrieve online applications on receipt and re-key the information into their IT systems for registration and validation. This will help them realise greater efficiency and resource savings from working electronically and enable other planning processes to be streamlined.

The Wiltshire Council unitary authority was created in April 2009 following a Local Government Review where many councils were merged together.

This change will not impact the submission of applications to Wiltshire Council by applicants. However, applicants may notice a slight name change of the authority as reference to the area offices will be removed.

Once the integration is in place we hope to work in partnership with Wiltshire Council to promote online application submission and encourage those that submit by paper to adopt the online service.

  1. Any plans to do this with East Dorset DC?

  2. Sounds like something that all councils should be doing as a matter of course. It is galling that applications to our local authority are still downloaded, printed, scanned and then the scan uploaded for public review, with a reduction in the visual quality of our documents.

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