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Now available: Two further Prior Approval forms

by on July 11, 2013

I’m pleased to let you know that we have now published two further prior approval forms on the Planning Portal.

The two forms are:

Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use to State Funded School

And the catchily titled:

Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a flexible use within Shops, Financial and Professional services, Restaurants and Cafes, Business, Storage or Distribution, Hotels, or Assembly or Leisure

Please note that there are no guidance notes associated with these forms.

This completes the development of the prior approval forms we committed to following the amendments to the General Permitted Development Order

We published the Larger Extensions notification on the 3 June and the Prior approval notice for Change of Use from Business to Residential on 20 June. Both prior approval forms have been made available as ‘fillable PDFs’.

As before, if you want to complete and save the form you’re best off doing so in a standalone PDF application (such as Adobe Reader) – filling it in the browser has mixed results, depending on your browser.

As with the previous forms, we have used the Statutory Instrument as the basis for the form.

Once again, we are grateful for the rapid responses from local planning authorities who offered to take part in the brief consultation process as well as our colleagues in DCLG policy.

  1. Peter Davis permalink

    The planning portal is a great resorce, constantly evolving and improving and allowing us agents to do more and more electronically, and thus more efficiently. Sadly it seems to me that often LPAs are way behind the curve in this respect and I would be interested in other Portal users experiences and opinions.

    My main beef at the moment is the attitude one LPA I deal with takes to PD enquiries. As an agent dealing largely with householder type applications I think generally I know what constitutes PD and what doesn’t, all I want to know is whether a sites rights are in place, withdrawn or partially withdrawn, (and if partially which parts), to allow me to decide what sort of application to make. As LPAs have the power to remove a site/householders PD rights I believe if asked they should tell an applicant or their agent whether they have done so. This particular LPA will not do that. They insist that one fills in a six page form describing the proposed development in some detail, pay a £ 65.00 fee and wait 21 days for them to tell you whether your proposed work is PD.

    Even if one follows this bizarre, expensive and time consuming procedure and the result shows PD rights to be in place, it is still ‘informal officer opinion’ requiring the applicant to make a second application for a Lawful Development Certificate to get the ‘official paperwork’ I find, understandably, that applicants can’t quite believe that.

    I have taken to advising applicants to this particular council to forget about PD rights and in the interests of simplicity, time saving and also possibly expense, just cough uip your £ 172.00 and make a planning application in the first instance.

    Are other agents/applicants having difficulties like this?

    • anonymous permalink

      Oh! YES. You are not alone. Permitted Development Rights are a joke twisted by Councils to extract more money from applicants to fund their flagging income and cover staff expenses. Councils look after Councils and no one else. We all know that, for example, the published statement … ‘Provided all the General Permitted Development Order requirements are met, the principle of whether the development should be permitted is not for consideration…’ is ignored by many Councils. The whole system needs a further overhaul immediately with dissident power removed from difficult Councils. Will anyone at the Planning Inspectorate help? We all doubt it. Your comments please Mr Director.

      • Apologies for not responding sooner but as you posted anonymously your comment was directed to our spam folder.
        In response to your request for comment from me, I have a policy not to comment on our criticise my customers or partners.
        I’m happy to provide a space for open discussion and to try and find ways in which we can facilitate improvements on both sides of the process be that applicants or LPA’s.

  2. Peter Hunt permalink

    Peter Hunt
    I agree with Peter Davis & anonymous & would ask why, withdrawn Permitted Developments Rights, are not a matter of public record & available, by area, for all to view

  3. ami permalink

    hi everyone
    we would like to apply for a change of use from a house to a guest house
    with 2 story rear extension what are the regulations (policy) to a guest house please
    many thanks
    ami ,

    • Ali Musani permalink

      Ami there is a presumption against loss of residential, this rigorously adhered to, therefore you are on a non starter here I am afraid.

  4. Sonya permalink

    I hope to build a 2m depth, two storey extension on either the rear or side of an end of terrace house. I live in the South Hams District Council area and am keen to know whether I can extend within permitted development rights. Any help appreciated, thank you.

    • sarahchilcott permalink

      Hi Sonya
      The only way to be sure is to speak to your local authority as they will make the decision.

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