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Here we go gathering ‘apps’ in May

by on June 5, 2013

And a bountiful harvest it was, with more than 33,000 planning applications processed.

This beats our previous record month by more than 1,400 applications!

Not bad for a month with two bank holidays.

  1. When will the PP have the facility to submit a non material amendment to an LPA. I have just submitted an NMA to Cheshire West and had to print off A1’s, A3’s etc as they do no accept an emailed NMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Paul P permalink

    Hear Hear! I’ve submitted one NMA to one of my LPA’s by e-mail which was accepted and approved. The next application to the same LPA disappeared into the ether and when I chased it up I was told that “We don’t accept e-mailed NMA applications” At least reply to an agent instead of ignoring him and be consistant!! And how difficult is it for the Planners to print off and deal with such an application electronically? Or is it that they can’t be bothered (more likley)? PP could help be setting up the facility urgently.

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