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Get it here: Notification of a Proposed Larger Home Extension

by on June 3, 2013

We’ve just published the Notification of a Proposed Larger Home Extension as promised last week.

You will find it here. We’ve also created a guidance note.

It contains only those elements required by the Statutory Instrument and therefore should be acceptable to every local authority in England.

We are now working on the other notification types beginning with ‘change of use’ and we’ll be releasing them as we complete them over the next few weeks.

My thanks to all you who supplied forms for us to plagiarise including colleagues at East Devon and Hart DCs, Stoke-on-Trent City Council and to all those LPAs who have helped QA so far.

Update 4th June:  We have hopefully resolved the issues some people were having viewing the notification PDF. This was to do with the way certain browsers preview PDFs. The PDF displays fine if you open it in a dedicated PDF viewer such as Adobe’s own Acrobat Reader.

If  you want to complete the PDF you will need to download it to your computer, this can’t be done in the browser. You can download the PDF by right-clicking the link and choosing ‘download linked file’ (or similar wording based on your operating system). Alternatively there might be an option to download the file in the browser – again, depending on which one you use.

  1. Wont down load, I have the latest reader and acrobat pro? telling me to upgrade, cannot upgrade until Adobe upgrade ?


  2. I have updated Adobe Reader and still all I get is your warning message that I need to update.

    The guidance notes read well but the form – for longer PD extensions – is not there.

  3. ross simpson permalink

    No problem here, using Adobe Reader XI.

    • The issue is related to the way certain browsers preview PDFs. We’re re-rendering the PDF.

      In the meantime, the PDF should display fine if you open it in a dedicated PDF viewer such as Adobe’s own Acrobat Reader.

      You can download the PDF to your computer by right-clicking the link and choosing download linked file (or similar wording). Alternatively there might be an option to download the file in the browser – depending on which one you use.

  4. Patel permalink

    This is good disigen local council tomouch trouble

  5. What note needs adding to a refusal notice re rights of appeal. Is this the same one as on a normal planning refusal? Does it follow the ‘Householder’ appeal process?

  6. Patel permalink

    This rules when start how to applay

  7. Renni Penny permalink

    We have a link to the planning portal forms for each application type for 1APP so that we always link to the latest form. The 1APP forms also displayed the Wirral logo which was provided to you to add. Is this only available as a pdf download for each authority to hold on their own web site? (I know this is not a planning application).

    • Hi Renni

      Including the local authority logo on forms is a more complex process. We wanted to provide the notification PDF as soon as we could to make sure that householders and LPAs had something to submit details on. We’re considering whether we will engineer the PDF in a way that lets the LPA logo to be included but we haven’t made a call on this yet. At the moment our priority is developing the other four prior approval ‘forms’.


  8. Just wondering…

    If one were to submit a notification for a ‘larger extension’ which has a terrible impact upon the neighbours, but they don’t object, would one receive an ‘AWFUL Development Cerificate’?

    I’ll get my coat…

    • It is only out of an extreme sense of charity and a belief in free speech that i allowed that comment to publish.
      Shame on you!

  9. Beth permalink

    Is there a 1-APP form for the flexible changes of use applications in the pipeline? We are just wondering whether to start designing one ourselves or to await the 1-APP version…

  10. Prior approval under Part3 Class J is the fee £80 (as per agricultural building) or is the application fee applicable or ?

    • According to DCLG, prior approvals for classes J, K and M carry a fee of £80 but not until the draft SI comes into effect on 1 October.

  11. Zara permalink

    Please kindly confirm if these new planning laws only apply to retrospective applications too, or do they only apply to new builds.

    • Jen permalink

      This particular process only applies to single storey rear extensions where work has not yet commenced.

      • GRPA permalink

        But presumably it will not sit very well if one neighbour is being ‘enforced’ for an old five meter extension and a lawful six meter extension is being built next door?

  12. David permalink

    I cannot find the “larger Home extension” application form on Planning portal.
    Can you direct me where it is???

    • Hi David,
      you’ll find it here and there is more info here.

      • David permalink

        Thank you P.D.

        Now do you have a standard letter that my client can take to his next door neighbour’s to sign
        to approve the proposed “4m rear single storey extension”, to be built on my clients land.
        I will fill in the “Notification of a proposed Larger Home Extension” then I will send signed letters with
        this form.

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