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Planning Portal Reaches Milestone of 500k Visitors in April

by on May 8, 2013

April was a stunning month with 543,887 visitors making 1.2M visits to the site, averaging more than 40,000 visits a day.

This is the first time we’ve passed the half million mark.

This good news continues the growth trend across all key metrics which included more than 10M page views in the month.

There were also more than 30,000 planning applications submitted for the second month in a row.

  1. I have recently submitted my first Planning Application online. I found it daunting at first, however, with some help from a very pleasant Portal Person, things became easier. I’m sure that next time I will find it easier. Peter Birmingham.

  2. C.Davison permalink

    Lies, damn lies, statistics. … Winston Churchill once reportedly said that “the only statistics you can trust are the ones you have falsified yourself” With the figures you are quoting why does the construction industry remain in the doldrums!
    It is a good service provided by the Portal but not sure why you are constantly quoting statistics. As I have said before, but not been reported, are you ripening the cherry ready for privatisation?

    • Clive,
      My team work very hard and with less resources than we would wish to provide a improvements to our service and benefits to our partners and customers.
      Continuing growth tells me and the team that we are on the right track, so I report the stat’s because I am proud of our achievements and because if I don’t shout about them nobody else will.

      • Richard Goodwin permalink

        Hear! Hear!
        This is a fantastic achievement – something that lots of people said at the time of the launch couldn’t – and some said shouldn’t – be done. To provide a single interface to over 400 planning authorities, each of which had their own systems, forms and processes, let alone a consistent, reliable source of information and advice, was an enormous challenge. I am delighted that the Portal has achieved this – and other recent milestones – despite limited resources and no mandate to force anyone or any planning authority to use it.
        Well done Chris and the team!

  3. warren braham permalink

    Excellent site ! – I’m delighted that the new ‘permissable development’ legislation (for rear extensions), amended, has now passed through Parliament, but I’m being told that we still cannot submit plans to our local Planning Authority – as “secondary legislation” is now needed.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how much longer we need to wait – we’ve been delaying our project in Hendon since September!

  4. Andrew Johnson permalink

    Interesting, but this only tells a partial picture of what is potentially really happening. How many customers are returning to the site (having not found what they needed in the first place)? How many leave the site getting all the advice they need? What are your customers asking you to provide as a service (whether you have the resources to provide it or not)?

    Unfortunately, just like the arbitrary ‘target’ dates we are told show how well/poorly a LPA is performing, figures only tell you a very slight aspect of a customers experience. In my experience it is very easy to congratulate ourselves on performing well when measured against targets (typically we set our own targets too). I have found a much better approach is to ask customers how would you rate my service out of 10 – if not 10, how could I make it 10. Sounds too simple? Nope, it works.

    Notwithstanding this, well done on managing this well used site with apparently limited resources etc. I always recommend the portal to my customers.

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