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Happy 10th birthday electronic planning

by on May 1, 2013

Ten years ago this week (30.4.2003) the very first electronic planning application was submitted via the Planning Portal website, wending its way to Southwark, one of our early adopter authorities.

At that time we only supported a handful of forms. If memory serves – and trust me that’s a big ‘if’ – the first application was for a neon sign on the side of a building in Elephant and Castle. What began as a great idea has since become the de facto way of submission.

In that first year applications were counted in the low hundreds; today  we are processing more than 25,000 each month.

Once the first application was submitted we turned our focus to convincing LPAs that this was the future and within less than 18 months we’d signed (almost) every one up.

A couple of years on and we began work on what was to become known as 1APP. More than 1.25m applications later I am glad to say that although there is still much work to be done; the case for digital is made.

I’d like to thank all those people at LPAs for their co-operation, agents, businesses and applicants for their patience and all my colleagues for their hard work and commitment.

Chris Kendall

Portal person man and boy!

  1. Well done “its getting better all the time”
    I remember submitting the first to Harrogate BC in 2005

  2. If memory serves I think I went to some of the consultation sessions early on for 1App and ePlanning stuff when I was in local government. There was an excitement in the air that this could be the start of modernising planning departments with the use of things like tablets (before Apple did its thing!). Our planning department at the time was very keen to implement ePlanning stuff mostly of course due to Pendleton Points and the planning delivery grants!

    Hopefully planning departments are still moving forward and have solved measuring off PDFs and stopped printing everything

  3. Neil Jones permalink

    I wonder what the next 10 years will bring? Any ‘big ideas’ on the horizon? I guess the main question for all us making the most of e-planning is will the Portal still be operating within the civil service or are there plans for it to be part of the ‘great civil service sell off’….prime candidates if you ask me.

  4. H.C.Cowen permalink

    Your protocol to unsubscribe does not work. Please unsubscribe me.

  5. Carol wilson permalink

    Happy birthday here’s to the next ten years and beyond

  6. Jon B permalink

    …and after 10 years, one large planning authority in London still appears to be requiring hard copies of application documents for even a small application be sent to them at the same time as the application is made through the Planning Portal.

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