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CIL consultation now live!

by on April 15, 2013

I thought you might like to know that  the Government is consulting on further regulatory reforms to the Community Infrastructure Levy (England only).

The consultation  proposes changes to boost development and the building of new homes and businesses and covers a range of amendments to the regulations, related particularly to rate setting and the operation of CIL in practice.

Consultation closes on 28 May.

Take a look at the press release  which should appeal to self-builders in particular.

  1. Architect Ian Treleaven Fitzherbert BArch(Hons) PPSPEng. permalink

    This is not devolved to Wales – please provide us with English / Welsh news – it is confusing enough having our clients telling us what can be done without The Portal selling all info from Westminster as “Global”.

  2. My mistake, I simply try and pass on what I think is relevant to my readers as quickly as I can. I apologise if the nuances are sometimes missed.

    • Strictly speaking, the CIL Regulations do apply in Wales as well as England. However, only a small number of planning authorities in Wales have published a draft CIL charging schedule to date, and none are yet collecting CIL.

  3. Nick earle permalink

    Excellent news indeed. We had no idea our local authority had already implemented the CIL and were shocked on how much more our dream house was going to cost. Lets hope the exemption for self-builders gets approval.

  4. alan murphy permalink

    I watch with dismay as the new CIL system of funding infrastructure, supposedly ‘simpler, clearer, fairer than the 106 sytem ‘ steadily gets more complicated, less clear and less fair, by the week!

  5. Jon Henville permalink

    Although the CIL, & S.106, methods that authorities will have the power to use has no reason to be contested – as a principle – , it DOES have a adjacent reason to be objected to insofar as being used by authoritive groups (namely Parish Councils) who have absolutely no fear (currently) of ever being subjected to a formal challenge in decisions that they make.

    Together with the CIL, and the Localism Bill, those making the legislation should look deeper into what competence a largely unpoliced/unregulated/unpunishable body has in self regulation.
    Its not going to work democratically unless Parish Councils are brought into the same control as District and County Councils.
    However many good parish councils that exist their is an equal amount of bad parish councils who are so ensconced into “we’ve always done it that way so we will continue ignoring probity” that they will relish the thought of more financial ‘gifts’ to abuse.

    It is not unreasonable to insist that parliament bring the Parish Council into formal regulation.

  6. So the Gov is consulting again on more regulatory reforms to the Community Infrastructure Levy. I agree with Mr Murphy (above) that this supposedly ‘simpler, clearer, fairer system is just getting more complicated, less clear and less fair, by the week! C’est la Vie.

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