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Building Regulations Approved Documents changes – it’s not all about planning!

by on April 10, 2013

You are probably already aware that the Building Regulations Approved Documents  are available for download completely free of charge from the Portal.

Just in case you are not, I thought I would point out that there were more than 2.06m downloads in 2012/13 –  that’s an amazing figure representing an almost 25% increase on 2011/12.

If it’s been a while since you last downloaded them you might like to know that recent changes to the Approved Documents from April 6th 2013 include:

  • New edition of Approved document K
  • Updates to approved document M
  • Updates to approved document P
  • Changes to designated warranty schemes
  • Changes made to approved document N

Changes have been made to the common projects pages of the Portal and the text in interactive house to reflect the AD changes and the addition of information regarding the competent persons scheme.

  1. not wanting to appear lazy but can anyone give a potted resume of the main changes?

  2. Mind you I would hope that my local building control will inform all us agents but I’m not going to rely on it!

  3. valerie nurcombe permalink

    Perhaps you would like to look at the changes and updated versions.
    New editions incorporating changes – B and M
    Revised editions K, P and 7
    Updates to L but not reprinted
    Changes to every other doc to incorporate amendments resulting from the changes in doc 7
    N has been deleted not updated

  4. David Lessels permalink

    do these changes imply that what was previously correct is no longer the case and
    if so does what was built require to be unpicked
    is this a case of ongoing improvements to lifestyle quality
    or are there technical errors which require to be pointed out

  5. Not a regs issue really! what ever happened to the extension size change 3.0 to 6.0 and 4.0 to 8.0. meters that is projected from the rear of the house, for extensions and conservatories.

    • Gordon, this is making it’s way through the parliamentary process at the moment.

      • Michael Hayes permalink

        The parliamentry delay appears to be due to concerns about larger extensions potentially upsetting neghbours. But as we are only talking about single storey extensions why not just give those neighbours the right to erect a suitably high fence to hide anything they don’t want to see. There is currently a Permitted Development right to erect a 2m high fence, so why not just increase this? Somewhere between 2.5m to 3m should do the trick.

        I expect a lot of other Agents have views on this so perhaps Chris, Portal Director, you might like to open a dedicated thread about this?

  6. K martin permalink

    Hi if possible I would like to download
    Building regulations . How do I go about it

  7. Reblogged this on SNOW architects and commented:
    Just in case you didn’t know there have been amendments to the Building Regulations which come into force at the beginning of April 2013

  8. Qet permalink

    Is this not the case of over regulation (a constant stream of regulatory changes)? The building industry is already overburdened & gasping for a breath of fresh air. The controlling bodies are skint. Enforcement is rare and prohibitively expensive. I wonder what is behind this overzealous control? Are the boys in the BR Division trying to justify their own existence or the empire gone bonking mad. All what is already in place has not produced quality and sustainable developments.

    In contrast the architect of Building Regulation (BR division of LCC/GLC) was remarkably efficient and has small and simpler functional requirement. Try comparing the orange code and CP3 to BS9999 & BS9991 today.

    The end result of over regulation is the micro dwellings. Living in a new house and flats is like living in caravan. One need miniature furniture and live off an attaché case. The bottom line is that the old worn out Victorian stock has at all times remained desirable compared to the new stock.

  9. It looks like ordinary jow blogs has no rights whatsoever as far as these new plans r concerned
    As long as its within the” panning law” no matter how it affects you then there is nothing you can do about it we have a new development being build at the back of our own home by the local council we told them we thought that the bungalow they were building was far to close to our back fence. But because it was within” planning law ” then we don’t get a say there will be a two bedroomed house built onto the bungalow which we think. Will look unsightly but because its within the “planning law”then again no leg to stand on
    We worked hard to buy our wn home this development will devalue our property but does that come into consideration does it hell
    Seems to me they can do what they like and nothing else matters I am very saddened by this attitude what happened to our rights down the pan

  10. P.Robinson permalink

    Hi. I agree with Erika there is not enough thought from planners about the surrounding properties and the affect it has on neighbours. everybody knows that you don’t buy a view but when there is pollution and noise this really should be taken into account. I think one of the main issues are DOC’s. These should be flagged up when they affect peoples lives. I am not talking about small things but car parkingetc. We have a development at the back of us and a car park is built 1 Mtr from our fence and from the Annexe which has windows. We have complained after the fact as we didn’t see the DOC’s and they have moved the boundary to two Mtrs. This should have been made aware to us by Planning. We cannot do anything about this know we have to put up with the noise pollution and loss of value on the house. There seems to be more thought for Developers than people who it actually effects.

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