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What were you doing on Xmas day?

by on January 8, 2013

I was mostly eating and also building Lego Star Wars ships with my boy (other construction models are available – but they’re rubbish!)

However it appears there were 14 planning applications submitted online via the portal on Christmas Day.

223 were submitted on New Years Eve and another 93 apps on New Years Day.

It would appear that the majority of these applicants were men!


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  1. In spite of what the media tells us about Christmas, many people do not ‘celebrate’ it. Some UK residents aren’t even Christians!

    Do you know they were men or are you just guessing?

    By the way you’re right about Lego Star Wars. Mea culpa.

    • We know they were men by the application data and yes I’m very aware of the diversity of our clients but I thought it worth a tidbit!

  2. Michael Carroll permalink

    Christmas ? Christmas ? Oh yes, I think I remember something called that – from the days when I was a local government officer.

  3. arnold gilpin permalink

    Happy new year,

    We designed a hotel over the Christmas break a few years ago. Zeit ist Geld.

    Obviously non lego owning dads 🙂

    The lego robots are good also.

  4. All the best for 2013

    I was playing with grandaughter and grandson mostly with plastic toys by “V tech” they were great.

    I love cooking but it was noyt my turn and have never been allowed to do the turkey anyway. You are doing a great job here keep it up!

  5. You do know that you can get Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in lego kits. If you like more intricate models than nano block kits from Japan are more fiddly with a unit size of 4x4x5mm. Could a LPA accept a lego model at outline stage?

  6. One up on the person whose always telling you about how much they are in the office I guess – Christmas presenteeism (cracker pun intended) but, really, just take one day off from showing how special you are to planning?

  7. Pippa permalink

    So, what’s wrong with Bako? As a construction kit I loved it so much more than lego:

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