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Smarter Planning: some answers to frequently asked questions

by on December 12, 2012

We launched our Smarter Planning Scheme in late October and we’ve had a huge amount of interest since then. So far over 200 planning professionals and 100 LPAs have submitted expressions of interest in joining the scheme.

If you have contacted us with an expression of interest please rest assured one of our account managers will get to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions document which tries to answer some of the key questions we’re getting asked during the Smarter Planning process.

If you’re waiting to hear back from one of our account managers, or you have some questions about the scheme, please spare five minutes to read the FAQ document.

Read the document on the Portal (PDF 279KB).

  1. Stanley Gono MRTPI permalink

    It must surely be logical and sensible to redirect investment to the northern cities of the country where good infrastructure and housing already exists and large population to provide a ready market? This planning strategy would help solve traffic congestion, high living costs, housing shortage, clean water supply, airport capacity, and other quality of life factors, in the ‘over-heating’ London and the south-east regions of the country. It is commonsense, sustainable and would make long distance train services viable too, I would say, anyone agree?

  2. I am a retired architect who makes infrequent use these days of on line applications.
    I recently made one for the conversion of what had once been a house but was now offices, back to one house.
    I found the web site extremely slow and the uploading of drawings was confusing. In particular I found it difficult to back track if I made a mistake and I could not find a way to see what had been successfully uploaded until the end. No doubt this is due to my unfamiliarity with using the site although seeing what had gone in was not clear for anyone.
    Maybe it was my incompetence but anyway you might find the comments interesting as being from a novice.

    • William,
      your feedback is very much appreciated.
      I’ll pass your specific issues onto our team for further investigation.

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