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New pay and submit process now live

by on September 21, 2012

I’m happy to report that the new pay and submit process went live last night.

A quick reminder about this change: previously payment happened as a separate step to submission. By asking users to ‘pay’ and ‘submit’ at the same time it brings our system into line with industry best practice and makes submitting applications faster and more straightforward.

Just to be clear: we have not removed any payment options. We’ve just made the steps to submitting an application easier.

Everything appears to be in order with the change but do let me know if you see anything amiss.

Here’s a short video highlighting the new change.

  1. Simon Evans permalink

    Great to see yet another improvement.

    For me, the single most useful improvement would be to do something about the speed at which application pages are loaded and saved. I am actually now taking time between pages in an application to lodge this comment, confident in the knowledge that I will have plenty of time to do so before the next page loads!

    I realise this is heavily dependent on a number of factors outside the control of the Portal, including the number of people accessing it at any one time (victim of its own success?). However, I have always found it be slow and sometimes (like today) dreadfully slow. As one of the main points in making an online application is to save time, this is a shame. I feel sure there must be something that can be done to improve matters.

  2. John Markham permalink

    Good to see that the cheque payment option has been retained.
    This is invaluable for applications where a third party is paying the fee.
    In practice this can happen at the same time as the application is forwarded to PP and then it is down to the LPA to register quickly.

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