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Misrepresentation of the Planning Portal to advertisers

by on September 20, 2012

I’m sorry to say that a business based in the north of England is selling advertising in a trade directory in the Manchester region on the basis of a relationship with the Planning Portal.

This is not the first time this has happened and we take this very seriously.

To be clear no-one sells advertising on or for the Portal other than our staff here in Bristol.

If you are approached please let me and your local trading standards office know ASAP.

  1. As someone looking to advertise on the planning portal that’s useful to know. thank you.

  2. Arthur Acheson permalink

    Is it right to have advertising on the Planning Portal?

    • Arthur,

      I understand your position and in all honesty I’d prefer not to carry advertising, too. However, the Planning Portal has been instructed that it must become self financing or face closure.

      We are investigating other avenues but until such time as we can depend on other sources of income to provide our funding we have no choice but to accept advertising and the revenue it brings.


  3. Personally, I believe there should be no advertising on the Portal and would be willing to pay say £50 every time I used it to submit an application or appeal (£20 for householder) in view of the certainty, convenience and cost savings compared to hard copy submissions. I am quite sure my clients, if given the choice, would happily pay the extra money to ensure an electronic submission.

  4. Shah permalink

    Planning portal is a great place to deal with applications and get useful information. it would be a great shame if it ever had to close due to money. I think there is nothing wrong if advertising helps the portal exist.

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