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Party planning advice please

by on August 8, 2012

OK so while we’re all on a national high I thought this might be a good time to ask for your ideas on how we ought to celebrate our own national achievement.

As any successful wedding planner will tell you there’s no substitute for preparation so I’m starting early.

In April 2013 we will celebrate 10 years since the submission of the first electronic planning application through the Portal.

How do you think we should commemorate the occasion?

  1. A years free planning applications, no flood risk assessments and relaxation of the design statement. No one takes any notice of the reports anyway.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Ask not what the Portal can do for you, but what can you do for the Portal!

  2. kevin elstow permalink

    site address to be default to applicants address to save form entry time,
    re householders application.
    something asked for years ago,
    no excuse offered for failing to do so!
    similarly automatic tick boxes for materials to match existing
    and not applicable these also would save time.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      I’m out of the office tioday but will speak to the team about your suggestions tomorrow and find out why theyve been excluded to date.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hello Kevin.
      The first issue you raise was fixed along with lots of other outstanding bug bears in our recent round of upgrades.
      With regards to materials, it is only necessary to complete one of the fiels with the not applicable response, the others can be left blank.

  3. Richard permalink

    By coming up with a ‘Best Practice’ paper for LPA’s to handle the complete application process – from Application submission – Validation – Registration – Handling – Determination and Appeal without printing paper copies (including the Planning Inspectorates participation).

  4. Emma permalink

    Richard – excellent idea – Work in Local Authority and agents are always raising the issue of how we all do it differently. Would be great to have some good practice guidance

  5. Aaron Davies permalink

    Richard’s statement is spot on. What would be most useful is for a Best Practice guide to accommodate the applicant’s work flow as well as the LA’s requirements e.g. one PDF containing all drawings. This would speed up the submission process considerably. It would also be useful if LA’s took on board the power of the PDF in respect to layer management e.g. a layer for existing, and a layer for proposed elevations, amongst other options This would enable all involved to see, at a glance, the implications of a proposed design. Likewise for dimensioning drawings, and even clarifying materials. A simple layer with all materials shown/written would reduce the need to fill in the tick boxes. Since materials are a visual aspect of the process it would make far more sense they be shown as such. The current application process is weigthed in favour of legalise, not design. It does not leverage the full potential of PDF software…….

  6. roger pidgeon permalink

    Given the current efforts to promote the use of Building Information Management (BIM) by the Cabinet Office, BIM should be brought into mainstream on line work for planners as well as the other built environment professionals. The Portal is great opportunity to do this.

  7. PortalDirector permalink

    Thanks folks keep the feedback coming. I am taking notes and we will continue to improve wherever we can and funding allows.

    However I asked for celebratory ideas, after 10 years at this particular task, surely we’re entitled to some fun.

  8. Roger Wyer permalink

    We asked 10 years ago for the screen to show a “health warning” when an applicant went to complete a CAC to say only required for demolitions. We have to void 95% as not required…….that would be a nice present and save time and money!!

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Roger I will review this with the team on Monday and find out why this hasn’t happened.

  9. Sorry I am a bit late with this one but, following up on your comment to Daniel, and you photo of Team PP, I thought you should probably do the statement that is not true. I don’t necessarily mean the investment or wearing of lycra [although the latter might be amusing, particularly if you published the picture]. Probably the propping up of Bristol’s bars if the investment will run to it. That should be all the training you need for the next ten years??

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