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2011/12 Performance – the results are in

by on May 1, 2012

Thanks to you all for hanging with us in 2011/12.

There’s no doubting it was another challenging year,  however the partnership between ourselves, LPAs and system users of all kinds has once again made positive steps forward.

In 2011/12

  • The Planning Portal delivered savings to the U.K economy of more than £114m
  • Saw £24 of cashable benefit returned for every £1 invested in the service
  • Enabled 2,300 tonnes of CO2 to be saved
  • Increased online submissions by 20%, to 62% of all planning applications
  • Processed 288,555 online planning applications and around 70% of planning appeals
  • Received 400,000 visitors to the website per month, averaging 27,000 visits per day
  • 100m pages of content were viewed
  • 1.7m Approved Documents were downloaded

And finished the year off with hopefully significant improvements to 1App.

Please let me know if we helped your business or LPA in any way not mentioned above and good wishes for another record breaking year.

  1. Congratulations, impressive work, all we need now is the file size issue sorted and it will be excellent!

  2. Simon Evans permalink

    All good news. It will be interesting to see if any LPAs respond to this. personally, using the service saves me paper and postage costs, eliminates the vagaries of the postal system, maintains a record of submissions past & present, makes it easier to lodge applications based on previous ones, and is a fast and efficient way of transmitting documents (the number of which required seems to grow exponentially year by year!). Having Building Regulation and other reference documents on the site also saves time and money.

    The most impressive statistic here for me is that 62% of planning applications are now made online using the Portal. It is now the favourite method and clearly the way of the future. Whilst improvements could still be made, chiefly in the area of saving applicants time, anyone (and any LPA) who still has doubts about it had better get used to it!

  3. Steve Wright permalink


    Yes you have saved a lot of time and printing costs particularly.
    In addition to this the presentation of applications is much improved and consistent.

    The system works very well for me

    Kind regards

    Steve Wright

    Wright Planning Services

  4. Hi Chris
    Thanks for the update.
    Could you advise if your remit as Director of The Planning Portal also includes the advice given on the Portal about the need for PP / PD matters e.g. the common projects section and Planning Application validation matters ?
    Thanks Scotty

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Scotty,
      I am ultimately responsible for ensuring that all the content published on the Portal accurately reflects policy. Is that what you wanted to know?

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