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1APP feedback

by on April 25, 2012

Thanks to you all for your fantastic feedback yesterday, it’s greatly appreciated by the team.

Contrary to some opinions we really want to improve the service we offer but like everyone else we have to scramble for resources.

Thanks also for the suggestions for further improvements. If they are not already on our list we’ll make sure they are added.

Very many of you find the problem of restricted file sizes particularly troublesome. The limits apply for valid reasons including issues of onward publication and consultation. Rest assured we will do all we can to help and we’re beginning by talking with LPAs again about the issue.

In the meantime I’ll be publishing a list of tips and tricks shortly to help you manage the problem and offer up other ways of improving your experience of the Portal.

  1. Simon Evans permalink

    I think it needs saying that being able to lodge applications online is enormously helpful and that, although the system certainly has its frustrations, it is overall very welcome. So I would like to thank all those involved in setting it up, maintaining it, and making gradual improvements.

    However, I should also say that in my experience LPAs are rather less enamoured of the facility, perhaps because it puts the onus on them to print things out. One LPA I regularly make applications to insists on having figured dimensions as well as scale bars, presumably because they have difficulty ensuring that drawings have been printed out at the correct scale.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Thanks for the feedback, those of us who have been here from the beginning particularly appreciate it.

      Whilst I can accept the point you make re some LPAs, I have to say that there are many more now fully embracing end-to-end e-working.

      Like us, money is tight for them and true e-enablement requires investment in kit and culture change.

      It’s a partnership that we all need to invest in to get the benefits.

      At the moment, and indeed for some time, LPAS have borne the brunt of the change whilst Agents have harvested the rewards in efficiency and cost-savings, the tide is turning however and as we get to the point of no return with electronic submissions reaching toward 70% it will become inevitable that the service improves.


    • I agree the PP has been a benefit to agents, but Simon makes a very good point. We have been asked by one LPA to send hard copy drawings because they don’t have an A3 printer!
      I seem to remember one of the key advantages the portal was sold on was to obviate the need for hard copy drawings.

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