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Another 1APP update goes live

by on April 23, 2012

Just a short update to let you know about a small but important change which went live late last week.

The site address for all applications used to be displayed in upper case on forms. We’d been told by many LPAs that this looked untidy when included in standard letters. Some LPAs even went as far as to edit and retype the site address in their correspondence.

We’ve now changed this so the site address now displays in normal sentence case. The fix was deployed on Thursday evening (19th April).

It is a small change but we’ve had a number of calls from LPAs to fix this. Happy to oblige!

  1. Ground investigation reports often extend to 30Mb plus. Ground investigations of this size are needed for most Brownfield sites, so the use of the Portal for these documents is a common problem. We have to issue them to the LPAs on a CD/DVD. Whilst you are doing this it’s easy to send all the planning application documents on one CD. There is no point in having a Portal for these projects if it cannot accept files of this size.

    Today, it appears that a majority of email systems limit attachments to around 10Mb. Even this is poor, as our system is around 25Mb. However, we have to use external file transfer companies to transfer files larger than this between team members. But, surprise surprise, most LPAs I work with won’t accept the transfer of files via external companies. I can’t understand why this should be as I am not aware of any safety issue and the files will likely be checked for viruses by the recipient.

    It really is time to keep up with the times!

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