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New CIL form now live on the Portal

by on March 28, 2012

I can confirm that the revised CIL form has been published and is available from the Portal.

The form and guidance both have a unique URLs to them. This ensures LPAs can easily reference them on their websites and in any other communications.

CIL additional information form
CIL additional information guidance

Thanks again to our good friends in Wandsworth for their help in coordinating this work and to all those that provided feedback to improve the form and guidance.

We have also been in touch with our DCLG policy colleagues about how LPAs should introduce CIL and handle the CIL addendum (i.e. additional information form and guidance). I’ve included this below for your information.

CIL addendum

CIL has been introduced through an Act of Parliament, and introduces a number of statutory procedures for those authorities who choose to implement it. However, the means by which CIL charging authorities seek the information they need in order to calculate CIL is not defined in statute; CIL-related information is not considered to be a ‘national requirement’ for the purposes of validating planning applications.Consequently, CIL charging authorities need to request this information from applicants. We recommend they do so by amending their local lists of information requirements.

An addendum to the Standard Planning Application Form (1APP) has been prepared, which we believe covers the additional information that CIL authorities need. Consequently, we recommend that LPAs introducing their own CIL, or in London boroughs where Mayoral CIL is payable, should add this ‘CIL addendum’ to their local list of information requirements as soon as possible.

Local lists of information requirements do need to be reviewed as often as necessary to reflect legal or policy changes at the national level. The Portal offers guidance to LPAs on how to do this:

How to configure your local validation requirements

DCLG’s guidance on local lists and how to update them (March 2010) can be found on the DCLG website.

Further DCLG guidance on CIL can be found on the same site.

  1. Rick Phelps permalink

    Another form to fill in, just what we needed!

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Rick,
      this is an updated version of a form that already existed on the Portal and is only applicable in particular circumstances.

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