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Join us at a free planning event in London

by on February 29, 2012

We recently hosted a couple of free events in collaboration with RTPI, RICS, RIBA and CIAT which proved very popular. We have one more free event taking place on Tuesday 20 March at our Eland House in Victoria – in other words, DCLG’s HQ.

The theme of the events is ‘Planning for Growth’ and focuses on how new ways of working (such as submitting your applications online) can help support the Government’s growth plans as well as save you time and money. The event will be of particular interest to planning professionals.

There are speakers from all the organisations are as follows:

  • RTPIHow can Planners and Planning play a crucial role in bringing together other professionals (including Architects and Surveyors) in delivering sustainable development in London? Julia Riddle, Chair (RTPI London), Associate Director, DTZ Associates
  • CIAT Building Information Management/Modelling (BIM) and Planning – Keith Snook, HonMCIAT
  • RIBAHow does architectural design and quality fit in to the Planning process? Chris Hampson-Williams, Chair – Design & Planning Group (RIBA London), Director, Hampson Williams
  • RICSThe Plan for Growth – Key development issues for London Faraz Baber, Executive Director, Planning & Development
  • DCLGPlanning Legislation Update – DCLG Planning Directorate

Naturally, lunch provided and you’ll get the opportunity to direct questions to the speakers present in a panel-led forum in the afternoon.

If you submit planning applications on behalf of your business or organisation you’ll find the day extremely useful.

If you’re interested in attending then we’d love to see you – please register below.  If you would like to find out more information then please contact the Comms Team at

We hope to see you there.

Register for the event.

  1. Richard Fletcher permalink

    I appreciate the invitation to a Planning Portal event/seminar and would dearly love to attend. But DEARLY would be the reason I can’t.
    Please, there are many of us who work and live North of the Watford Gap and consider a less ‘Londoncentric’ approach to staging events would be helpful. What about the new Northern Design Centre in Gateshead as a venue?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      I understand your frustration.
      The Portal is based in Bristol and being at the wrong end of the M4 has caused us no end of grief over time.
      We are actually holding this event in London at the end of a series of events which began in Birmingham.
      We didn’t get to the North East on this occasion but have done so in the past and will in the future.
      Like you, the problem for us is money. We have a very limited budget for events, however we are likely to find it easier to get in the future if this round are deemed successful.
      I will ask colleagues if it is possible to video the London event for wider circulation and promise that the North East will be at the very top of our list for a future event.

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