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LPA online application percentages (2011) – Updated

by on February 27, 2012

The following group of local authorities have all averaged more than 60% of their planning applications online throughout quarters 1-3, 2011, 22 of them have averaged greater than 70%. A fantastic performance I hope you’ll agree. 

Particular mention should go to Melton who have risen from 52.1% to 78.5% online and Stevenage from 43.6% to 68.8%.

Ealing Council London Borough 88.0%
Craven  86.7%
Brecon Beacons NPA (Powys NP) 85.5%
London Borough of Hackney 85.4%
Hinckley and Bosworth  84.1%
Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough 81.7%
Oadby and Wigston  80.1%
Coventry 74.6%
Charnwood 74.4%
Merton Council LB 74.1%
Lambeth Council LB 73.6%
Westminster City Council  72.3%
Preston  72.1%
Bristol UA  71.8%
Bedford Borough Council  71.6%
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk 71.1%
Tower Hamlets LB 71.1%
Stoke on Trent UA  70.7%
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 70.6%
Rutland UA 70.5%
Derbyshire Dales  70.4%
Camden Council  70.3%
Hyndburn 69.2%
Islington Council LB 69.1%
East Riding of Yorkshire UA  68.9%
Daventry 67.1%
Redditch 67.1%
Melton 67.0%
Manchester 66.9%
Lancaster  66.7%
Rushmoor  66.6%
Welwyn Hatfield  66.4%
Haringey Council London Borough 66.3%
Greenwich Council London Borough  63.7%
Fenland  63.6%
Salford  63.3%
Newcastle-under-Lyme 61.7%

The data is not exact and should be taken as a close approximation using the most recently available PS1 returns.

In Quarter 3, 2011,  126 local authorities in England and Wales achieved this same milestone. I’ll be following up in the near future with features on some of these authorities and also on some of the individuals and teams that are making an impact.

  1. I think it will take time for 100% of applications to be made online as there are probably a lot of, mainly older, Architects and architectural designers who use a drawing board and will never be converted to CAD or even computers in some cases. While it’s many years ago that I used to draw on tracing paper I think there is still a place for paper designing and paper plans & drawings, in fact the best examples are virtually works of craft and to be admired. I don’t really think it matters anyway as local authorities actually have to generate paper trails anyway as part of their statutory consultation processes.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      I think you are correct but we’ll keep pushing on.
      I agree with you regarding the quality of drawings but often hear sorry tales of those beautifully crafted works being reduced to poor quality scans.
      At least if the work goes in electronically there is a better chance of it retaining its integrity throughout the process.

  2. Jenny permalink

    Personally I would find this information more useful if the actual number of applications received was given too eg for Craven 86% of how many applications were made online? If it’s 3000 applications then that is newsworthy, if it’s only 250 then maybe not so? Just my opinion!

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Ealing average out at around 407 applications in total per month.
      Craven at 41.
      Brecon at 35.
      Hackney at 166.
      Hinckley and Bosworth 68.

      The Planning Portal processes around 25,000 applications a month and growing.

  3. Ravi permalink

    Unless the Planning Portal can produce all application forms ie Change of Use.

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