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Record traffic at the start of our 10th year

by on February 21, 2012

At the risk of sounding unremittingly positive I can report that our traffic figures for January were by some margin the best month we’ve ever had.

There were 898,020 visits, an increase of 23.6% from January 2011 and 70,000 more than our previous best month.
We were also just shy of 9 million page views, a 300,000 increase on the previous best.

Additionally there were 170,566 downloads of the Building Regulations Approved Documents, an increase of 20.5% on January 2011.

Finally, we also believe that we’ve passed our March 2012 target of 60% of planning applications online, but we’ll need to wait for the next quarter PS1 results to confirm it.

All in all, not a bad start to 2012 our 10th anniversary year.

  1. Thats goodnews-your doing a great job, but can you please add some clarity to the PD guidelines for single storey extensions with reference to ‘corner infills’. I have lost two jobs now because of conflicting advice from my competitors to potential new clients. On both occasions these clients were told that they did not need Planning for a single storey extension which infilled the corner perimeter of an existing house. (hope this makes sense!)

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