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Online Planning Application Submission Growth Continues Apace in 2011

by on January 5, 2012

I’m happy to report that I can once again offer good news on the continuing shift to online submission.

In the calendar year 2011 there were more than 270,000 planning applications submitted via the Planning Portal compared with just under 230,000 in 2010, a rise of around 20%.

This is even more remarkable when you consider that growth since 2009 has been more than 70%.

More detailed stats to follow.


One Comment
  1. stephen permalink

    Hi i bought a piece of land ajacent to my property off the council for{ GARDEN USE ONLY},
    I had to boys at the time but after buying the land me and my wife had twins,
    Which then made the two bedroom house to small for us so we put in planning for a two bedroom house to be built on the side,
    This reason was we were going to leave the house open so we had a bigger house and when we do
    adventurely move we can block up the two houses and sell separately so we can afford a bigger house,
    Now were i live they are screaming for more houses to be built,i have a{COVENT} on the land not to build on even thou the same council gave me planning permission to built a two bedroom house..
    Now they say they will lift the covent if i give them half the profit of the new build, now the price they have told me that they want means once the house has been built and i give them there figure they forwarded me means i would have built it for them and i would not have earn’t a single penny…
    Please can you tell me if this is how the law and the council work as i am gobsmacked….
    Kind regards……

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