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Leaning towers of London (and Bristol)

by on November 26, 2011

Following the news that the tower containing Big Ben is leaning, I thought I’d big up Bristol’s own and, may I say, far more impressive leaning tower.

It’s just a couple of hundred yards from our office and is still going strong after more than 600 years.

Who needs perpendicular? And where were Building Control when these foundations went in?

  1. GRPA permalink

    Well you might know your onions on Brizzle, Chris, but it’s Big Ben (admittedly ‘a tower’ of London) thats leaning and not our venerable Tower of London!

    • PortalDirector permalink

      whilst graciously accepting your correction, may I point out that it is in fact the clock tower that is leaning.
      Big Ben being the bell within.

  2. GRPA permalink

    Many’s the folks that will disagree with that, Chris! But i’m always up for a moot point!

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