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1App Poll Results and Next Steps

by on September 16, 2010

Having run the poll on 1App changes for 4 weeks now, we have found that the following five proposals received 76% of the votes between them.

 Reduce the length of the forms 19%

 Reduce the need to re-enter data on forms 17%

 Create distinction between residential and commercial on full application 16%

 Upload multiple attachments 13%

 Simplify the supporting documents section 11%

We are now evaluating the cost and technical implications of these improvements and expect to bid for the funds in the very near future. If possible we hope to deliver these improvements within the current financial year however this will be subject to funding being made available.

At the same time and in parallel, we are taking a longer-term view of the 1App service to see whether root and branch improvements can and should be made and importantly how they might be funded. As I’m sure you will appreciate this is a key consideration in the current climate.

  1. Stuart Cadlock permalink

    I responded to your 1APP poll but have not received a response. You have now published what you perceive as a result of the vote.

    Why cant you reply.


    • PortalDirector permalink

      thanks for your response received via our support desk. Your points were several and varied and therefore require detailed scrutiny. This is being fed into the improvement project along with all the feedback generated by the blog and via our support team over the last few months and beyond.
      The poll was not intended to be conclusive but to give us an idea of the relative importance to our users of those improvements most commonly suggested.

  2. Cadplan Architecture permalink

    Is this Quango on the potential Dave & Nick hit list?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      The Planning Portal is a part of the Department of Communities and Local Government and as such is neither an arms length body or Quango.

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