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Green is good

by on August 25, 2010

Green is good, as Gordon Gecko almost said.
We are aware that a many of our clients have now converted to e-working, we’re just not sure how many.

We are about to offer those enlightened businesses that have fully switched a nice green Planning Portal logo to use as they feel appropriate on their corporate materials.
We hope it will help identify your business as forward thinking and responsible and that in these times that will convert into customers.

We’re also launching a Carbon Calculator specifically designed to enable business or LPA users to calculate exactly how much CO2 e-planning is saving.

By our calculations the Portal will facilitate 25,706 tonnes of CO2 savings over the next four years. If like me you have difficulty visualising what a tonne of CO2 looks like then take a look at the work of Dave Ames, a science teacher at Cohasset High School in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

If you or your company is already submitting all of your planning applications online then please add your company name as a comment below and we’ll be in touch about the logo.

  1. Ken Usman-Smith permalink

    And the offer of the logo to all planning authorities who, lets be honest, have invested £££££’S in the software and hardware to make the portal accessible should be on the table as well.
    We have spent money and time over the years making the portal our preferred chanel. As such we have become far greener and efficient.
    So can we have a badge please?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      I don’t see why not.
      The calculator has been designed with LPAs in mind as well as Agents.

  2. Bruce Frizzell permalink

    We have been using the portal for all of our submission for the last 2 years. Improvemetns could be made to the forms and the way the fee is calculated.

  3. David Holland permalink

    David Edwards Partnership

  4. Daljit Chuhan permalink

    Signet Design

  5. Sustainable Architecture by John Cotterill has been using the portal since 2007

  6. Franklyn Nevard permalink

    All my applications are now on line both Planning and building control

  7. All new applications are now being submitted on line

  8. P+HS Architects have been using the Planning Portal since 2006. We also use Submit a Plan for Building Regulation applications.

  9. Garsdale Design Limited has been using the portal for a couple of years now!

  10. Ray permalink

    We have been submitting all our applications from day 1!

  11. COLIN JANES permalink

    We have always used the portal, if only to be selfish and save money on ink and paper – but in reality, this has made us greener and more efficient by default.
    When will Building Control catch up, and allow all Building Regs applications to be excepted by all authorities via Submit-a-plan…?

  12. Brian M Waite permalink

    We have been using Planning Portal online applications for a couple of years. There are issues however regarding speed,cut off times & the ability of LPAs to correctly print the PDF drawings they ask for in the correct scale.

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