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Canny State – The Cuts – our contribution

by on June 14, 2010

We at the Portal in common with all our Public Sector colleagues are looking hard at our costs to make sure we’re delivering efficiently. We have already reduced our budget for 2010/11 by £1M, to around £5M, without reducing our take-up targets, and we’re hoping to make more of a contribution still.

I thought you might like to see some of the changes we’ve implemented to achieve the saving so far.
First off we’ve reduced our hosting and service management costs significantly and cancelled all projects other than 1App improvements, eConsultation and Portal 2 (now in test so already paid for).

All temps, consultants and contractors contracts have been wound-up and their work re-distributed to the permanent team or cancelled.
We’ve cut back on our personal I.T kit and are using video conferencing and Skype more widely. We’re making more use of e-learning tools and localising more of our training activities.
We’ve a moratorium on recruitment and are managing events such as maternity leave by sharing the work around and we’ve dramatically cut our Marketing and Communications budget.

Now that we’ve made the more obvious cuts we’re looking into the heart of the business and making tougher choices about the services we offer. We need to be sure that we are adding value and we’ll cut out any services that are not. Right now we’re looking at the Illegal Ads database, our mapping service and content generally. Expect announcements imminently.

We are also hoping to reduce the call on public funds by generating more revenue. You may have seen our ads and perhaps be aware of the sponsorship opportunities available on the site. Portal 2 will make these opportunities more powerful to advertisers and more meaningful to users of the site. This together with revenues from work we do for other Government departs means our commercial activities should contribute around £1M this year.

We are trying to achieve these efficiencies without compromising our take-up targets which stands at 60% of all applications online by March 2011.

I’ll keep you posted.

One Comment
  1. Janice Allen permalink

    Hello, i work in the Policy team for the Highways Agency and I am interested in the review you are taking with respect to the illegal Ads database? The HA have undertaken a reporting role to CLG in respect of those fronting the Motorway Network – so it would be intresting to know what issues you will be looking at?
    Kind regards
    Janice Allen

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