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Technical Release Note

by on January 5, 2010

Hello all,
Just before Christmas, release 4.02 went live with the following fixes.

Change Reference Affected Areas Description
Defect 414 & 442 1APP Attachments Change to prevent ‘Reserved Characters’, e.g. ‘:’, from being included in filenames uploaded to an application
Defect 424 Online App’s and web service downloads Fix to ensure site plans attached to an application with the same filename are time stamped to ensure the filename is unique
Defect 428 Local Information/Dev Plans Fix to ensure that you can view all development plans for LPAs who have multiple plans on the Portal
Defect 429 Local Information Fix to ensure contact details and relevant links are available when you select a county council via the ‘Local Information’ section
Defect 430 Online App’s Fix to ensure that the LPA contact information is present on the Form Chooser screen within the application section
Defect 431 Online App’s Fix to ensure that applications which have been archived and then opened for document amendments appear in the ‘My Application’ list
Defect 439 Online App’s (Professional users only) Fix to remove unwanted code from displaying at the top of the Professional Users Forms and Fees tab pages
  1. Chris, your site is worse than ever. It is a disgrace.

    I have made a resolution for 2010 to make you improve it.

    07908 673367

    Richard Anstis (yet again)

    • PortalDirector permalink

      I am shocked at the starkness of your comment and I am sorry that you feel this way. My team go to great lengths to continually improve both the site and the service we provide and the vast majority of feedback we receive is very positive.
      This blog is just one of the mechanisms we employ to give users a voice and to gather feedback, in addition we have held more than 500 face to face meetings with agents and LPAs in the last year.
      Obviously all this means nothing without action and in that respect we have worked with our IT partners to constantly improve both the infrastructure and functionality.
      In 2009 we replaced completely the hardware underpinning our services as the existing hardware had been in place for many years and was hindering our ability to develop the site. As a result the Portal is now more stable, scalable, cost-effective and energy efficient.
      Readers of this blog will be aware that we are now engaged in the next phase of that work, namely the functional and look and feel changes that we hope will make the site easier to use, particularly for planning professionals.
      Unfortunately changes of the size and complexity we are making take time to do properly. The sheer volume of information held on the site is one factor, as is the complexity of serving different audiences with widely differing needs and capabilities.
      I firmly believe the changes we have made and are making will enable us to meet the needs of the majority of our users for the forseeable future, making good use of the latest technology to deliver improvements throughout.
      Meanwhile we have continued to develop the application service in response to changing policy and feedback from users, we have developed the Interactive Houses for citizens to great acclaim and assisted thousands of agents, LPAs and other Government Departments against a worsening economic situation.
      I am aware that you have offered feedback in the past and can assure you that all feedback is properly considered, assessed and prioritised if appropriate.

      I am now in the process of investigating your previous contact to understand where we may have failed to meet your expectations and will be in touch to discuss this with you.
      In the meantime and as per your additional post; the Portal is wholly owned by Department for Communities and Local Government. I will send you my superiors contact details by separate cover, however we provide this blog as a platform for constructive critiscism and we’d be glad if you posted your specific thoughts for wider discussion.

Please give us your feedback but we won’t publish any comments that are not constructive or that criticise any individual, any named business or any local authority. Please note, all comments will be moderated before being published.

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