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Agents and Applicants – Free training saving you money and trees

by on December 18, 2009

Between the 25th of Jan and 18th of Feb there will be more than 20 events aimed at getting paper planners online. Submitting applications online saves agents a stack of money and time and it’s kind to the environment too.
I know most of you are already bought in, however if you know someone who is still submitting on paper please pull their head out of the snow and point them in the direction of one of our events. Think of yourself as a missionary for the digital age and consider it your first good deed for the new year.

We are also pulling together our testimonials for our business planning for next year, so if you have any feedback that might help I’d be especially grateful. I’m particularly interested in quantifiable savings in time or money.

  1. Michael Ney permalink

    “Quantifiable savings in time and money”? I tried – I really did – to lodge an appeal on line and at the last step, the very last step, having carried out each one perfectly, the system refused to acknowledge my lodgement so I had to use the telephone to talk to someone to confirm that it hadn’t gone through, then I had to fill in a manual form instead so do the whole process all aver again. I could have saved myself all the hassle of the on-line process. So far I am doing the same with planning applications; you know the damn thing is complete, the drawings are to scale and everything is there before sending it by snail-mail.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      I’m sorry about your frustration and I wish I could help but the Planning Inspectorate manage the Appeals system not the Portal. We provide access to it but that’s where our assistance ends.
      The same is not true of the application process.
      You can and should be able to submit your entire application and associated attachments online via the Portal.

  2. Hi Chris
    My head is not in the snow !!
    I have a mobile phone, a website and I’m just having a blog set up !
    But why do I want to submit online PP Apps. and why am I seen as a Luddite if I don’t ?
    I live in the digital age yes but I still meet people, post letters, talk to people on the phone and yes send faxes.
    Should I not do any of these methods of communication now just because we have email ?
    No, email is a tool just like any other and so is online PP Apps.
    We don’t have to throw established working practices out of the window just because something new comes along and we are told to embrace it.
    I don’t need an evangelist missionary for the digital age prodding me !
    Oh, by the way, how will online PP submissions “save Agents a stack of money and time “?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Scotty,
      All we are trying to get over are the benefits of electronic submission. I apologise if I’ve offended you.
      I too use many of the existing tools you mention but when it comes to submitting planning applications I respectfully suggest e is best.
      The events we are running across the country in the coming weeks will hopefully explain in detail how agents and applicants can save time and money by submitting electronically. I hope you might find the time to attend one of them.
      In short though, the savings come from savings in paper, printing and postage or travel, parking, etc if you are delivering the application by hand. Savings in your time and other efficiencies in the submission process. All compounded if for any reason the app needs re-submitting.
      Then there’s the potential for speedier registration and validation at the LPA not to mention the fact that the more the process is automated at the LPA end the more consistent the process will be and the better value you’ll get for your council tax.
      Oh and its good for the planet too.

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