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More on extensions to extant permissions & non-material amends

by on October 30, 2009

On Thursday 1st October, CLG introduced two new application forms:

  • Application for a new planning permission to replace an extant planning permission, in order to extend the time limit for implementation.  Application for replacement of associated listed building and/or conservation area consents in order to extend the time limit for implementation.  Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.
  • Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission.  Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Steve Quartermain, CLG’s Chief Planner has issued a letter which contains information and and answers to FAQs.

Both forms have initially been introduced as downloadable, PDFs.  It is intended that these forms will become integrated into the online application service in April 2010.

The PDF forms, fees, help text and guidance can be accessed through the direct links below:

Application for extensions to the time limits for implementing planning permissions and associated listed building and/or conservation area consents

Application for a Non-material Amendment Following a Grant of Planning Permission

Fees schedule

  1. I find all the information sent out so very useful,
    However the permitted develpment rights information sent, does not include bungalows, which I would like to kow more about, quite urgently.

    I am wondering if this has not been updated yet, and will follow at a later date??

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Pam,
      I’ll check with our content/policy team.
      Please email me directly for more info.

      • Pam Watson Jones permalink

        I have been following the New Permitted Developement Rights , but I find little reference to bungalows,

        The information on houses is very good, I would appreciate if you can give me all the information available on bungalows.



      • PortalDirector permalink

        Hello Pam,
        effectively bungalows are treated under PD as single story houses and the same rules apply. We have included some reference to this within our latest mini-guides.

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