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First in a series of householder guides published

by on October 30, 2009

We have recently published the first in a series of guides to planning for the most popular householder building projects.

The guides provide easy to understand, visual walk-throughs of the permitted development limits and conditions for common projects such as porches, extensions and loft conversions.
The guides support Killian Pretty Review recommendations and aim to help citizens understand the regent changes to the permitted development regime.
You can access the guidance on porches, a guide to extensions will follow soon.

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  1. Daniel Marrows permalink

    “and will hopefully help better citizens understand changes to the permitted development regime”

    This phrase was copied and pasted from your Director’s Blog of 30 October. What does it mean please? I know you are trying to help and, in your own phrase, “it’s a communication thing”. In which case I suggest that you get some help or advise from the ‘Plain English’ people.

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      O.K, O.K well spotted, moved the word better to come after citizen. That said perhaps I should get advice from the plain English people rather than “advise”.
      Ha ha!

  2. A.G.H.BATT permalink

    More info on permitted development for housing. My county planning department are still asking for full planning consent for i.e conservatories that comply
    for permitted building extension for position and max.

  3. A.G.H.BATT permalink

    Information on permitted development for conservatories attached to existing single bungalow.
    Local planning officer seems to be unaware of “permitted building development “or is ignoring its
    existence by requiring full planning submission for all conservatories.

    • PortalDirector permalink

      the simple answer is if it is “permitted development” then it doesn’t need permission.
      That said if you’re not sure and you are asking your LPA if it is permitted or not then some LPAs will ask you to submit a planning application in order to answer the question.
      Others will give free advice in person or on the phone, some will sugggest you submit a Lawful development Certificate and others provide a simple enquiry form.
      Can anyone out there help?

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