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Planning Application numbers down again!

by on April 1, 2009

Overall the number of planning applications approved in England and Wales in February, according to statistics provided by Barbour ABI was 36,381, down a whopping 37% on February 2008.

Just published stats by the UK Statistics Authority closely mirror those provided by the Portal by showing an overall reduction by 26% during the final quarter 2008 for applications decided (our sources reckon 29.1% for approvals)

The average approved for the most recent 3 months Dec – Feb show a drop to 31.8%.

  1. Keith Hickman permalink

    I have not actually made a planning application on part of our property, we have a small farm with approx 10 acres. But we have made enquiries about building a small bungalow on a plot which is very suitable and into which we would move, selling the main house with 7 acres.

    So far we have been discouraged by the local P Dept, as thay say the plot is agricultural land.

    Do you think that the fall in applications will enable a relaxation of the LA’s attitude ?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Keith,
      this is a question only your local authority can answer I’m afraid.

  2. Pete Brown permalink

    What percentage of the reduction is due to the change in permitted development rules and how much is due to the general downturn in the economy. From personal experience the small domestic extension work has dramatically reduced, and where approval has been sought it has been through certificates of lawfulness. Are there any figures available to say if the number of certificates has increased since the change to the PD rules?

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Good question Pete.
      I’ll talk to our statisticians, who I’m sure will be monitoring the effects of the policy?
      Any LPA planners out there who might be able to share their local view?

  3. Claire Crompton permalink

    I am also interested to know the statistics on this subject. As a loft conversion company we have no problems with the new PD rules, having contacted previous “estimate clients” over 54% are stating the economy/recession is making them sit on their plans.

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