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Building Control and Planning

by on March 24, 2009

We’ve talked for a long time about e-enabling BC in a similar fashion to DC and we’ve gone some way to aligning advice to citizens with the Interactive House.
I’d be interested to hear from you on where you think we can and should be getting involved and what opportunity you think there is to simplify the processes.

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  1. If it is e-enablement you wish to talk about, then Government’s recent Electronic Communications Regulations, and the new Section 94A of the Building Act 1984, were indeed a huge reversal.
    These E-regs in which LABC’s “submit-a-plan” e-application system was given a belated but tacit legal recognition, and at the same time, these e-regs denied “Approved Inspectors” the ‘right’ to electronically serve “Initial Notices” on local authorities.
    LABC is not the only Building Control Provider, in England and Wales. Your “Planning Portal” was very slow to encompass “building control” issues, despite these being regularly confused for “planning issues”, and vice-versa, by all, be they; businesses, architects, journalists and general public alike.
    I currently work for a Corporate Approved Inspector, and have 33 years of experience as a proactive BCO, (my work being in “England & Wales”, and recently in Scotland) before moving to be a proactive Building Control Consultant, back down ‘south of the boarder’.
    The real issues are “ignorance” (of the role and intention of the Building Regulations” both within and without the construction industry.
    And this is not helped by Planners trying to take on “energy” and “sustainability” issues, which are detailed, site-specific and “non-spacial”, in their nature & science.
    As for bolting-on a “Building Regulations” application on to a future ONEAPP form, well, the ‘planners’ have failed even to cope with that welcome simplification. So don’t try to complicate it further!

    • PortalDirector permalink

      thanks for your comments.
      First let me say we at the Portal are absolutely wedded to the delivery of a level playing field in all things and in this case for AIs. If you feel any legislation infers a bias towards any body let me know and I’ll be happy to pass your feedback to the relevant policy owners.
      I also agree we were late to the party but we were conceived to improve the planning system (hence the name)and its only through perseverance that we’ve managed to get this far.
      We are working hard with colleagues on both sides of the BC/DC policy divide to break down barriers and deliver advice and services that are project based rather than an artificial policy divide. We think we’ve a role to play replacing ignorance with understanding and I hope you’ll agree we are at least heading in the right direction with tools like the Interactive House.
      With regards to the form, we are responding to demand from customers who have told us they want similar functionality to 1App. Rest assured if we do go ahead we will ensure it delivers for AIs.

  2. Chris, I use the portal because its easy, I don’t want to print out plans, letters and application forms, bind then together and make a trip to the post office, as far as my small practice is concerned, if all the planning and building reg application details are in one place and electronic, then my life gets easier. I would welcome the improvement of notice advise and updated plans being submitted in the same way. Why my local authority does not embrace it, is beyond my thinking, and I have to print, but I wait in anticipation. Currently I am using two separate services, if they are both together then I save time.

    Steve Scaysbrook MCIAT ACIOB

    • PortalDirector permalink

      Hi Steve,
      which is your local authority?

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