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The latest stats from our Market Insight Report

Online application numbers in England and Wales

While submission numbers are not reaching the heights of 2021, March 2022 still saw a 20% increase on figures seen in 2020.  With construction being closed at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, this caused changes to the application numbers we would typically expect to see.

Despite this however, the data from 2022 is still significantly higher, showing an overall increase in online application submission trends.

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Building Safety Bill receives Royal Assent 

The Building Safety Bill has received Royal Assent. This was a Bill to make provision about the safety of people in or about buildings and the standard of buildings, to amend the Architects Act 1997, and to amend provision about complaints made to a housing ombudsman. 

The Bill received Royal Ascent 28 April 2022. The following content has been taken from the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Building Safety Regulator eBulletin. Further information about the Bill’s progress can be found here:  

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Adding all remaining Prior Approval application types to the Planning Portal

As discussed in our latest webinar, work is underway to add the 12 most recent types of Prior Approval application to our online system. We expect to make these available to users and Local Authorities in the next month or so.

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Planning news – 21 April 2022

Developers agree funding for building safety repairs
The government has announced an agreement that means the industry will contribute £5 billion to address building safety following the fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017.
Laura Edgar, The Planner

Government announces £7.6m rail innovation competition
Rail minister Wendy Morton has announced a first-of-a-kind competition in partnership with Innovate UK for firms specialising in innovation to modernise the railways. The winners would receive up to £7.6 million.
Prithvi Pandya, The Planner

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Conference breakout session: The pitfalls and considerations for moving to cloud-based planning systems

We have less than a week to go until our Spring Conference 2022 and have added even more great sessions to the agenda.

Gordon Norrie, head of applications and innovation at StatMap Ltd will be running a session on Thursday 28 April, 14:00 – 15:00pm titled ‘The pitfalls and considerations for moving to Cloud-based planning systems’.

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Planning news – 14 April 2022

1,000 homes to be built in South West over five years
A ‘multimillion-pound’ package will see 1,000 homes built across Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset over the next five years.
Laura Edgar, The Planner

Lincolnshire solar park granted consent
Energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has granted a development consent order (DCO) for Little Crow Solar Park in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.
Laura Edgar, The Planner

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Conference: Urban Regeneration session hosted by Local Partnerships and TerraQuest Solutions

TerraQuest Solutions are working with Local Partnerships to facilitate better the acceleration and delivery of housing development in the public sector, by using data and technology, to meet Local Authorities’ regeneration and housing growth objectives, and ensure the ever-increasing demands for affordable housing are met. 

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Participate in the International Digital Planning Survey

Claire Daniel, Scientia PhDScholar at UNSW is undertaking an International Digital Planning Survey to inform how the planning profession should respond to predictions of digital change. The research is supported by the professional planning institutes and associations of Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

We are pleased to support Claire in this research and are calling for all planners to be please take part. Claire has written an article with more information below, or you can access the survey here:

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Webinar: Catch up on episode six

Following the launch of our new platform in January, Sarah Chilcott, Managing Director and James Garrett, our Policy and Strategy Advisor, provide an update of developments and fixes we have deployed over the past few months, so if you have experienced any queries with your applications, you can find an update here.  

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Planning news – 7 April 2022

Biodiversity emergency declared across Greater Manchester
Leaders across Greater Manchester have signed the ‘Edinburgh Declaration’ as they look to reverse habitat loss.
Laura Edgar, The Planner

Increasing rail capacity features in Midlands transport plan
Midlands Connect has launched its strategic transport plan for the region as it looks to improve economic growth and productivity and address social exclusion.
Laura Edgar, The Planner

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