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Residential proposals submitted using the Full Planning and Outline application forms

by on November 4, 2021

With nine months of 2021 passed, we thought it would be interesting to take look at residential proposals submitted during this time using the Full Planning and Outline forms.

When completing the Full Planning and Outline forms, applicants are required to provide information on residential units (including conversion) and whether proposals include the gain, loss or change of use of residential units. If this is the case, further details are then captured on the total number of existing and proposed dwellings that exist at present, as well as the number after the development is complete, by housing category and dwelling type.

Whilst the above data is captured on all forms, there is a difference between the national online Full Planning and Outline forms in England and the London Borough authorities. In light of these differing data requirements, the following analysis looks at the national residential submissions excluding London.

Interestingly, the data shows that approximately 27.5 per cent of all Full Planning applications submitted using these forms are for residential developments, whereas for Outline applications the figure is much higher at 75 per cent. The table shows the breakdown of this by type in 2021.

By delving deeper into the 25,000+ residential applications being applied in the first nine months of this year, we then analysed the data to calculate the total net gain in units by deducting the existing housing grand totals from the proposed housing grand total of units within each of the English regional areas.

This revealed that for Full Planning and associated consents a total net gain in units of 128,874 was being applied for, and for Outline applications consents this was 80,665. When added together it’s a combined total net gain of 209,539 units nationally (excluding London residential applications).

Net gain of residential units by region in 2021

On understanding the total net gain in units, we explored the data further to reveal which regions they were within. See the heatmaps below.

This analysis is part of the Planning Portal Planning Market Insight Report. The Planning Market Insight Report is the earliest source of planning market data available, and each issue features key high-level statistics as well as deeper analysis of a specific sector or topic. To see the full details of this analysis, you can access the full report here. You can also sign up to receive the report directly to your inbox each month.

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